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Banana tree – how to care for it?  An exotic decoration for contemporary interiors [uprawa, stanowisko, podlewanie]

Banana tree – how to care for it? An exotic decoration for contemporary interiors [uprawa, stanowisko, podlewanie]

Banana as a houseplant is not an obvious choice, but its exotic appearance and lush greenery fits into contemporary interiors and can be a central decoration. Are you looking for unusual solutions? Check how a pot banana tree can change your immediate surroundings.

Potted banana tree – can you count on your own fruit?

It is worth knowing that, unlike potted pineapples or avocados, the banana tree does not produce fruit at home. Unfortunately, aesthetic values ​​are the only things you can count on. The lack of bananas is compensated by large, shiny leaves and nice berries. This one definitely stands out both with its size and exotic beauty, which brings a tropical atmosphere to the house. What about banana blossoms? Let’s check.

Banana – a flower that delights, i.e. a large violet on a bamboo leg

This is how you can briefly explain what a banana flower looks like. Interesting purple buds resemble real fruit in shape. Over time, the fleshy petals form a beautiful cup with a yellow center. It is a real feast for the eye and an original decoration for a modern living room.

Banana flower – the best time and conditions for growth

Over time, the banana root system significantly increases in volume, so you should think about it right away a large pot (about 10 l). The best time for planting is in the spring, this process should be carried out in April. What else do you need to know about the banana tree? Growing it is not difficult, you just need to know the basic rules of its care.

Banana tree. Illustrative photo istock / Michel VIARD

Banana potted plant – cultivation and care

Banana tree feels good in heavy clay soilbut it must be her well aeratedfor this you just need to add expanded clay. Drainage is also a very important issue, so it should be poured down a layer of gravelto a height of about 3 cm.

Banana tree.  Illustrative photoBanana tree. Illustrative photo pixabay

Banana is a potted plant that requires too systematic fertilization. However, it is not complicated, just buy a traditional dedicated or tropical fertilizer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Banana at home needs frequent watering, the whole earth should be soaked with water. In summer, water it every two days, in winter it is enough to irrigate it once a week.

banana treesbanana trees photo pexels

Banana tree at home – where to put it?

Wondering where is the best place to place a banana plant at home? Light plays a key role, the ideal position is the southern sill. Banana tree is also characterized by very delicate leaves, it must have peace, it cannot be disturbed by a curtain or hooked with clothes. He also does not like frequent wandering around the apartment. And how does it feel outside?

Banana – plant. Can it stand outside?

From late spring (around May) until early autumn, a secluded terrace will be the perfect place for a banana plant. We start with a few hours during the day, which will allow you to toughen up and avoid cold nights at the same time. Over time, we move the banana plant to the outside permanently, and it should return home at the beginning of September.

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