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What to serve for Easter breakfast?  Traditional Christmas breakfast

What to serve for Easter breakfast? Traditional Christmas breakfast

The Easter breakfast has a symbolic dimension and refers to the first meal that the apostles ate with the risen Jesus. That is why on Easter Sunday we sit down to the table together to eat the blessed food. What dishes should appear on a Christmas breakfast? we answer.

When preparing , we can stick to the Christmas tradition completely or opt for a few new dishes on the table. Of course, there are recipes without which it is difficult to imagine Easter. We check what to serve for Easter breakfast and delight our guests.

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Traditional Easter breakfast

The basis of the Easter breakfast are , which can be prepared in various ways. Hard-boiled eggs are most often served with mayonnaise, horseradish or tartar sauce. An interesting addition to the Christmas breakfast will be hot or cold stuffed eggs (with or without shells). Horseradish or tomato stuffing can be prepared, for example, on the basis of cottage cheese.

A traditional breakfast cannot do without cold meats, pâtés and . In many homes, white sausage with a sauce based on mayonnaise and horseradish is also served. We can prepare the rabbit pate ourselves or buy a ready-made product in a butcher’s shop. It goes best with horseradish, pickled cucumber or rosemary. The festive table should also include hot smoked bacon and a classic board of cold cuts.

A classic dish served hot during Easter breakfast is, of course, sour rye soup with white sausage, egg and horseradish. Instead of sour soup, we can also serve sour soup, which is a bit milder in taste. Traditionally, salads are also served with Christmas breakfast, for example vegetable salad, Easter salad or potato salad.

Modern Easter breakfast

We can spice up Easter breakfast by serving traditional dishes in a completely new version. Instead of sour rye soup and borscht, we can prepare spring cress soup or Spanish pea cream. We can replace meat dishes with their vegetable counterparts, for example serving chickpea pâté or frankfurters with feta cheese. A great alternative to the classic cold cuts board will be different types of cheese.

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