Video “Why do they speak French in Montreal?”uploaded two months ago, was the last content he shared Ecuadorian better known among its digital audience like Jimmy YankeeWHO passed away today in Canadathe country in which he resided.

Although his channel YouTube only had 500 subscribersThe influencer’s popularity today is reflected in hundreds of comments from his followers who regret his departure. On Instagram, thanks to his Reels, he has gathered almost 10,000 followers.

Jorge Aníbal Cassis shared a touching farewell on video: “I will always miss you, my brother from another mother!”

“You are, were and always will be my brother (…) The only one who remained faithful to everyone. You don’t know the pain I’m in, I swear we’ll see each other again @yanqui_jr. And I’m sure your devotion will make many think the same as I do,” he wrote.

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What did Jimmy Yankee die of?

As Jorge shared, the Youtuber suffered a sudden heart attack in Toronto. “You have overtaken me too much,” he lamented. “Everyone who knew them knows what kind of person they are… Let’s pray for Jimmy Yankee. See you, sweet brother.”

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