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Olga Tokarczuk recognized in an Israeli train.  May the “author’s meeting” be with the fans

Olga Tokarczuk recognized in an Israeli train. May the “author’s meeting” be with the fans

Olga Tokarczuk recognized in an Israeli train.  May the “author’s meeting” be with the fans

Olga Tokarczuk is known all over the world for the Nobel Prize in Literature, which she was awarded in 2019. She found out just how recognizable she is a few days ago while traveling on an Israeli train.

Fans of creativity can be found all over the world. The Nobel Prize winner herself found out about it during a recent train trip in Israel. One of the passengers quickly recognized her and started a conversation about her books. Travelers interested in the discussion could not believe that they were dealing with a world-famous artist.

Olga Tokarczuk received the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Polish writer is known all over the world

In 2019, she joined the honorable group of Polish laureates. The writer was awarded in the literature category for “narrative imagination” and promoting the crossing of borders not only in art, but also in life. The prestigious award not only strengthened her position on the publishing market, but also made her internationally recognizable and famous. Traveling around the world, the artist has a chance to see for herself how many readers appreciate her work.

Olga Tokarczuk’s author’s meeting. Israeli fans accosted the Nobel Prize winner on the train

On March 28, 2023, Olga Tokarczuk announced in her social media about an unusual meeting with the author, which took place on an Israeli train. During the journey from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, a conversation ensued between the writer and one of the passengers. The man quickly guessed that she was a Polish Nobel Prize winner.

It turned out after a while that a few other people in this part of the train also read my books and that’s how a small but very nice meeting with the author took place

– Tokarczuk proudly wrote under the photo published on her official Facebook profile. Fans reacted enthusiastically, leaving hundreds of favorable comments under the post.

It seems to me that such meetings remain in the memory forever! Thank you for being you and I can read your books!

Such a great spontaneous meeting! And how nice it is to meet people abroad who know our Nobel Prize winner and her books! Plus on the train

Such spontaneous, non-committal meetings are the coolest and probably the most pleasant for authors. It must be very nice to be recognized and appreciated on the other side of the world

– fans of the Polish Nobel Prize winner wrote.

Source: Gazeta

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