Jasmine Tookes spoke to the magazine Female Health about her modeling career, pregnancy, favorite healthy food, and she revealed the real reason why she didn’t do it He has more tattoos. “What I love most about my body is my skin tone, it’s very beautiful and glowing. Looking back, I think my career opened doors for many young girls who wanted to become models.“, he indicated.

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Takes She is 32 years old and married to an Ecuadorian Juan David Borrero, with whom he just had a girlfriend named My Victoria. “I also had a lot of nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy I felt so exhausted that I couldn’t even drive the car. I was behind the wheel several times and slowly fell asleep and he said ‘oh no, I have to go home, this is not good'”.

In the second trimester, the model says, she got new energy, and in the third trimester she felt the most discomfort in her sleep: “I woke up every two hours, I moved from side to side.” She likes to spend a lot of time with her husband, she says quality time is their love language as well as gift-giving: “There’s nothing I love more than giving someone something I know they’ll love and took time to prepare.”

Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes and Ecuadorian Juan David Borrero are parents; their first born, Mia Victoria, was born

Takes She shared that the part of her body that she did not like, since she was modeling, were her hands, because they are very wrinkled and she has very long fingers, although she learned to love them over time. His arms are the hardest part to work out, and his bottom is why he works out.

If I could have arms full of tattoos, I would, but as a model it’s not the best idea“, he indicated. He currently has four tattoos on different parts of his body.

“The healthy recipe I eat the most is chicken al barbecue, brown rice and vegetables. I like to put a little teriyaki sauce on it for flavor,” he said. During her pregnancy, her cravings were anything but healthy: “I always wanted chili potatoes.” (AND)