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Pazura and Chotecka “quarrel” on Instagram.  “I apologized to you, okay?”

Pazura and Chotecka “quarrel” on Instagram. “I apologized to you, okay?”

Rados³aw Pazura and Dorota Chotecka have been considered an ideal marriage for 20 years. It is in vain to look for media brawls or disputes with them, which is why the recording of the “quarrel”, which appeared on the Internet, caused many comments.

The recording of the “quarrel” at the house of Pazura and Chotecka, which circulated the Internet, surprised Internet users. Fortunately, it’s just a staging, which the actors did brilliantly.

They have been married for 20 years. They admit that there is a third party in their relationship

they met while still studying at the Lodz Film School. They have been considered a good couple for years, but in one of the interviews they admitted that there is a third party in their relationship. After a car accident near Ostróda, in which Waldemar Goszcz died and Radosław Pazura miraculously survived, they both emphasize that God plays a huge role in their lives. “We couldn’t have done it without him.” It is our protection and support. Jesus. Sometimes such extreme events illuminate our lives with a strong light – in one of the interviews.

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“Kłótnia” in the home of Radosław Pazura and Dorota Chotecka. “I apologized to you, okay?”

A recording appeared on the Instagram profile of the actor and actress, which is to stage a couple’s quarrel. she captioned the film as “real life”. When the husband has apologized to the wife, she asks what exactly he is apologizing for. “You know perfectly well that I have no idea, and I know that I have no idea.” But I apologized to you, okay? What else? – answered her actor. The video ends with a close-up of a bouquet of flowers. Internet users and Internet users liked the shared video, and in the comments they willingly share their experiences of marital quarrels.

As if I could hear my husband. I love you.

My husband, when he apologizes, never knows why either.

You are wonderful.

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