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What to do when an actor gets excited on set?  The expert reveals the backstage of erotic scenes

What to do when an actor gets excited on set? The expert reveals the backstage of erotic scenes

Hiring intimacy coordinators to work on film sets has become the norm. Jessica Steinrock has been actively involved in the creation of Hollywood productions for years. The choreographer reveals to her fans the backstage of the bed scenes.

Intimate scenes are a huge challenge for even the experienced ones. Few realize that what we see in the film is actually a meticulously planned choreography. However, not everything can be predicted, and you certainly can’t be sure how your body will react during stress. Because of this, sometimes during the shoot there are uncomfortable situations when they get really excited. What is done in such situations?

An erection on the set. What do actors do in this situation?

Jessica Steinrock is an experienced intimacy coordinator who has worked on many Hollywood movies for years. The expert runs her profiles in social media, including on Instagram and TikTok, and in the published videos she reveals the backstage of recording bed scenes. She confessed that, contrary to the assumptions, the excitement of men on the set is really frequent, and the erection is caused by many different stimuli, not only by recording close scenes with a film partner.

“Anyone with a penis is going to have some type of vascular reaction,” The Sun stressed that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just biology. In such situations, most often the actors ask for a break and disappear backstage to cool down their emotions and control their nerves. An additional protection during intimate scenes are special inserts sewn into the underwear, which provide the actors with greater comfort and prevent their organs from rubbing against each other.

Is your period an obstacle to filming intimate scenes? Tampons are not the best solution

On the other hand, it can be a great discomfort for actresses when filming intimate scenes. In such situations, they usually use tampons, but from the expert’s point of view, this is not the best solution. There is a risk that the string will be captured by the camera while shooting scenes or, worse, that the partner will accidentally pull it, and this can have a different ending. According to Steinrock, the best thing to do in this situation is to use a menstrual cup, and that’s what she recommends to the actresses she works with. This method is risk-free, and you don’t have to go to the toilet as often as you would with tampons.

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