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Kinga Rusin in platinum blonde is unrecognizable!  Incredible star metamorphosis

Kinga Rusin in platinum blonde is unrecognizable! Incredible star metamorphosis

Both celebrities from the front pages of glossy newspapers and movie stars have almost always created trends, which were then tried to be implemented by women all over the world. This applied not only to clothes, but also to hairstyles. That’s why when one of the popular ladies underwent a spectacular metamorphosis, she was on everyone’s lips! It was no different in the case of Kinga Rusin.

There is no denying that the hairstyles of both Polish and foreign stars are often the subject of not only private conversations in playing friends, but also articles or even TV shows! However, this does not surprise us at all. It is above all celebrities who set the trends and directions in which stylists follow in the latest seasons.

It must be admitted that we are most eager to follow the most drastic or controversial metamorphoses. It was the same in this case, when thanks to Łukasz Urbański’s unique visualization we could see what Kinga Rusin would look like after such a transformation. The actress was depicted with a hair color completely contrasting to her natural one.

Kinga Rusin in a completely new version? How did the fans react to the metamorphosis of the actress?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity would look like if she suddenly decided to change her hairstyle drastically? Such metamorphoses always arouse great excitement among fans. Some time ago, a well-known and respected hairdresser – Łukasz Urbański, who works with, among others, with Joanna Krupa, Patrycja Markowska and Paulina Krupińska, on his Instagram stories he began to publish visualizations of famous people in completely different versions.

It was thanks to him that Internet users had the opportunity to see what Kinga Rusin would look like in light platinum hair. Most users, however, admitted that the 52-year-old actress looks best in a natural version.

Kinga Rusin’s metamorphosis

We remind you how Kinga Rusin’s hairstyle has changed over the years? Which one was the best?

For Kinga Rusin, the characteristic hairstyle has always been naturally dark hair. Maybe that’s why fans of the journalist decided that dyeing her hair blonde would not necessarily be a good solution for her. We remind you what the former star of “Dzień Dobry TVN” looked like in her youth.


Source: Gazeta

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