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What gaffes do we make at a wedding?  The expert named the worst of them.  You may be surprised

What gaffes do we make at a wedding? The expert named the worst of them. You may be surprised

The wedding season is getting closer. Couples most willingly decide to get married in the period from May to September. If you are invited to a wedding this year, there are a few things to keep in mind. These tips will help you avoid a faux pas.

Dr. Irena Kamińska-Radomska is a protocol and public speaking specialist. Viewers know her from the “Projekt Lady” program, where she taught participants good manners. This time the expert drew attention to the mistakes we make when we go to . Check out what you should pay attention to when preparing for such a party.

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Wedding outfit. White is reserved for the bride

Sometimes the bride and groom will include dress code guidelines on the wedding invitation. If there are no such recommendations, we should take care of the appropriate clothing ourselves. First of all, you should not wear a white dress, because it is reserved for the bride. A newly married woman may feel uncomfortable when you show up to the wedding in the same color as her creation. – Light dresses after 6 pm should be changed to darker colors. Then you can afford shiny materials, decorations and jewelry with precious stones, which are in bad taste during the day – Kamińska-Radomska. The same rule applies to men. Gray suit after dark should be replaced with navy blue.

How much to put in the envelope? Can I make a transfer instead of giving cash?

After the ceremony in the church, guests line up to congratulate the newlyweds and give gifts. Dr. Irena believes that giving gifts should look completely different. – Gifts should be given or sent to the bride and groom before the wedding. The bride’s guests should direct them to her, and the groom’s relatives to him, says the expert. If you are handing the newlyweds, a greeting card should also be included in the envelope. – The minimum amount is considered to be the equivalent of the so-called a plate, i.e. the amount that the party organizers pay in the premises per person – believes Kamińska-Radomska. It also reminds you to always sign the card. Otherwise, you risk being assigned someone else’s, inelegant gift, e.g. a much smaller amount of money.

It turns out that too making a transfer to the bride and groom for a specific sum is perfectly acceptable. The trainer from “Projekt Lady” explains that in this way we will automatically sign the gift, and the bride and groom will not have to wonder where to put the gift away during the wedding. However, newlyweds should make sure in advance how their bank will react to such a large number of transfers.

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