“You say that Harry Is he a good kisser? Because every time I see him kissing someone, it’s the ugliest kiss I’ve ever seen in my life,” are the comments that prevail on social networks about the kiss they shared. Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Last night in Tokyo, Japan. This question was asked on Twitter by @@sunlonelwt and according to him already has over 300 answers.

It was undoubtedly a meeting that no one predicted, because apart from the fact that it is strange that they are going public on the other side of the world, Emily just ended his two month relationship with Eric André. To the fans Harry They’re not worried about him kissing a model, they’re disappointed by his lack of skills.

“She opens her mouth wide”, “she looks like a small fish”, say u Twitter. This is not the first time that the Grammy winner has been tried. In movie scenes Don’t worry honey he also received criticism for kissing a female colleague Florence Pugh.

On this occasion, it seems that it was something casual and his fans I want to use that as an excuse: “It’s because Harry they kiss him He doesn’t kiss, so he’s used to just letting himself go. There are those who attribute this to the artist’s sexual orientation: “every time they say he is a bad kisser, it’s because he kissed a woman, doesn’t that tell you anything?”


so displeased

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This kind of expression of love is unusual for a former member one way. Generally, the leaked photos of him kissing were with his female partners and not with a “one night stand” as fans describe him.

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