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She has the face of Barbie and the body of the Hulk.  “Some people think women should only cook and do laundry”

She has the face of Barbie and the body of the Hulk. “Some people think women should only cook and do laundry”

Julia Vins went to her first powerlifting training when she was 15 years old. Today, the 27-year-old strongwoman raises a lot of controversy with her figure. The media dubbed her “Musified Barbie”. For years he has been struggling with harmful stereotypes. She told me how she deals with hate.

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“Beauty and the Beast”, “Muscled Barbie”, “She-Hulk”, 27-year-old powerlifter Julia Vins has many unusual nicknames. All thanks to her extraordinary musculature. However, many men cannot accept her appearance. For this reason, the strongwoman has been facing unfavorable comments for years.

“Some people think women should only cook and do laundry.” Julia has been breaking harmful stereotypes for years

Just five years later, Julia Vins made sports history. The woman broke a number of records related to powerlifting, or powerlifting. The Russian lifted 215 kg in the squat, bench pressed 120 kg and lifted 190 kg in the deadlift. She had a bow in her hair for each of the previous high scores. This is what Vins symbolizes – it combines strength and delicate beauty.

Her has been the subject of disputes and unfavorable comments for years. Most of them come from men. – Some people think that women should only cook and wash clothes – strongwoman – The concept of “female physique” is strange to me because a lot of men have it too. I think personality is much more important.

He doesn’t read messages, but replies to comments. How Julia Vins deals with hate?

– Most often, unpleasant opinions come from men who are not satisfied with their life situation or achievements – admitted Julia – Honestly? I don’t care what they think,’ she said. The woman has heard remarks about the “model face” and the “disfigured body” for years. Today, he just doesn’t read the messages he gets on social media. – I never check them, but I often reply in the comments below posts. If she was to reply to DMs only to a few people, it would be unfair – . Vins carries a clear message for young women who want to achieve success: “Don’t listen to the opinions of others and follow your passions.”

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