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She was hailed as “the most beautiful skater in the world”.  “The ice queen became a little mermaid”

She was hailed as “the most beautiful skater in the world”. “The ice queen became a little mermaid”

Jutta Leerdam is one of the most recognizable skaters. After a successful season, she decided to go on vacation. Photos and videos from holidays are shared on Instagram, and these materials are very popular among fans.

Jutta Leerdam practices speed skating and is one of the most recognizable competitors. On Instagram, she has gathered over 4.1 million followers and followers who willingly comment on the materials she adds. After a successful season, Jutta Leerdam went on vacation and shares the staff from her vacation on social media.

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After a successful season, it’s time to rest. Jutta Leerdam shares holiday footage

The Dutch Jutta Leerdam is a speed skater, and among fans she is considered one of the most beautiful skaters in the world. The skateboarder had a really successful season. Not only did she win two medals at the World Championships, but she also led the competition at the World Cup. She did well in the 1000 meters. After a successful and fruitful season, however, the time has come to rest and relax a bit. So Jutta Leerdam went on vacation and reports from the trip on her Instagram profile, which is followed by as many as 4.1 million fans and fans.

Fans are happy to comment on materials added by Jutta Leerdam. Holiday staff aroused interest

Jutta Leerdam started her life in Miami, from where she later went to Mexico. The 24-year-old is relaxing on the beach, diving and sharing photos and adventures from her vacation with her fans. And these are eagerly commented on by them on Instagram. The observers are not only impressed by the beauty of the views and landscapes, but also compliment Jutta herself, sparing no kind words.

The day someone tells me perfection doesn’t exist, I’ll show this girl’s profile.

You are an amazing athlete and super beautiful inside and out! Keep it up!

The ice queen just became a little mermaid.

You look like an angel in this water.

The most beautiful skater in the world.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, Jutta suddenly arrives.

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