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She says her large breasts scare men away.  “I want to date until they see”

She says her large breasts scare men away. “I want to date until they see”

Big breasts, big problem? So says Erika, whose huge breast size makes everyday life difficult. “My back hurts a lot,” he admits. In addition, she claims that it negatively affects her relationships with men.

TikTok is currently one of the most popular online platforms in the world. Users share there dynamically edited videos that touch on various topics. There you can find not only dance routines, trends, tricks and tips, but also many real-life stories. They are very popular among others. profiles of people who share their lives, show their problems and break stereotypes.

She says her big breasts scare men away

Erika, a TikTok user who runs an account under the name @noterikalove, confessed in one of her videos that the large size of her breasts scares off the men she meets. “Guys want to date me until they see… my chest is 52 inches,” she wrote at the top of the clip. In turn, in the recording, revealing the “pros and cons of dating her”, she admitted that her 132 cm bust is the cause of pain in the fingers every day. “Cons: My back hurts a lot, I’m short, I’m a homebody,” she wrote.

There were many comments from netizens and netizens under the post. It turns out that some of the women know exactly what Erika has to face:

I’m sorry about your back girl, I know the pain

Mine is 55 inches and draws attention. I absolutely hate them. If I had 10,000, they’d be gone

It’s your personality that’s attractive

Are you sure? My bust is 52 inches, and it looks much smaller… Unless I’m delusional

Haha, I have the same. She attracts the wrong type of guys

Personality matters

You’ve been dating the wrong boys, time to move on to men

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