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They were together for 21 years, but never decided to get married.  The actor’s romance crossed out their relationship

They were together for 21 years, but never decided to get married. The actor’s romance crossed out their relationship

At one time, Krzysztof Kowalewski and Ewa Wi¶niewska were one of the most popular couples in Polish show business. Despite over 20 years of practice, they never decided to get married. When the actor’s affair came to light, the star arranged a tavern brawl for him in the theater dressing room.

Before he became involved with Agnieszka Suchora, he had a relationship with Ewa Wiśniewska that lasted over two decades. Although the relationship was stormy, they were considered a harmonious duo. All this was crossed out by the actor’s romance.

Krzysztof Kowalewski was not constant in his feelings. He decided to settle down alongside his friend

In the artistic community, he was considered a womanizer for a long time. The actor had not only an unsuccessful marriage with a Cuban dancer, with whom he had a son, Wiktor, but also numerous .

I wasn’t ready to be a father. Especially since I was just starting to get better at my job. I had my first successes. The baby didn’t seem to fit in at all

— in the autobiography Sock in Hand: Krzysztof Kowalewski in the Dressing Room.

It wasn’t until the late 1970s that a 5-year-younger friend from his student days appeared on his way. He met Ewa Wiśniewska at the Kwadrat Theater in Warsaw during rehearsals for one of the performances. Their relationship quickly turned into a deep feeling, and Kowalewski decided to settle down alongside a colleague who was 5 years younger. “I guess it was important that we were both already settled in our places in the profession. Each of us had a status, a feeling that we were needed. It gave us a chance to live together – the actress recalled in an interview for “Świat Seriali”.

They were together for 21 years but never decided to get married. The actor’s romance crossed out their relationship

For many years they were considered a good couple. Although they shared a passionate feeling, the same values ​​and passion, they never decided to formalize the relationship. They valued independence and unanimously claimed that in their case the wedding was unnecessary. “In a man-woman relationship, the formalities are the least important. The most important thing is what happens between us, whether we can live together – claimed the actor. Over time, the fiery love began to fade. Their careers gained momentum, both performed both on stage and on the screen. Professionally, their paths often crossed. in “With Fire and Sword”, but privately they began to pass each other without a word.

There have been speculations about both of them in the backstage. In the early 2000s, he started dating Agnieszka Suchora, who was 30 years his junior. Soon after, the fruit of the relationship, Gabriela, appeared in the world. The actor divided his life into two houses, but Wiśniewska could not bear the thought of being the latter. — I saw no reason to turn a blind eye to Krzysztof’s trips to bathe a newborn child – in “Your Style”.

Eventually, the actress started a tavern brawl with Kowalewski in the theater dressing room. A few hours later, the actor was supposed to pack his things and move to Suchora, with whom he married in 2002.

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