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Ciechowski’s daughter fights with her stepmother in court.  “It cannot be that one of the children is completely excluded”

Ciechowski’s daughter fights with her stepmother in court. “It cannot be that one of the children is completely excluded”

Grzegorz Ciechowski’s eldest daughter sued her stepmother Anna Skrobiszewska for overdue financial benefits. The last wife of the leader of the Republic was appointed the only heir in the will written a few hours before the operation, which the musician did not survive. Weronika Ciechowska points out that the witnesses present during the preparation of the document were convinced that Skrobiszewska would take care of her stepdaughter. However, she broke off contact with her.

Weronika Ciechowska, the eldest daughter of Grzegorz Ciechowski, has no influence on decisions regarding her father’s image and does not receive any financial benefits. Meanwhile, Anna Skrobiszewska and her children get the money. “I don’t understand it, because my father loved all children the same,” she says in an interview for “” Ciechowska, who is now fighting for her rights in court. “It cannot be that one of the children is completely excluded and cut off from everything related to his father” – he points out.

Ciechowski’s daughter fights with her stepmother in court

before emergency surgery, he quickly wrote a will. He made his then wife the only heir, but as Weronika Ciechowska emphasizes in an interview, the witnesses present at the last will were convinced that it did not matter, because Skrobiszewska would take care of her husband’s eldest daughter. They were in a close relationship at the time, and the stepmother was to treat her stepdaughter as her own child:

They were convinced that if the operation failed, Anna would take care of me and would not forget me and would not act as she did. (…) Unfortunately, my dad didn’t do it, he didn’t foresee such a situation. Nobody foresaw it.

However, Weronika’s relationship with her stepmother broke down after Małgorzata Potocka published the book “Citizen and Małgorzata”. Skrobiszewska did not like some of the threads in it so much that she broke off contact with her stepdaughter and cut her off from her siblings.

Ciechowski’s daughter has no rights to his legacy

Ciechowska points out that her mother – Małgorzata Potocka – after the sudden death of Grzegorz Ciechowski filed a case for the so-called. legitim. The trial was postponed for a long time, according to Ciechowska, Skrobiszewska preferred to sue her stepdaughter rather than her husband’s ex-partner and waited until she came of age. Due to the close relationship between her and her stepmother, Weronika felt very uncomfortable in this situation and wanted to settle the matter so that the matter could be concluded as soon as possible. That is why she also agreed to Anna’s proposal, who offered to pay her PLN 40,000 instead of PLN 50,000. in installments.

I had to sign a settlement, but as an 18-year-old girl, it never occurred to me that I was giving up all rights to my dad’s inheritance.

Now she wants to obtain outstanding financial benefits that Skrobiszewska has been using for over 20 years. She also emphasizes that, in her opinion, the stepmother took many benefits regarding the sharing of Grzegorz Ciechowski’s image in advertisements only for money. She points out that during her lifetime, her father never appeared in any advertisement, because it did not agree with his life philosophy. She doesn’t seem to have changed her approach to the subject.

The first, preliminary hearing was held, and the next one is scheduled for the end of November 2023. Ciechowska hopes to find justice in court

Grzegorz Ciechowski was not only the leader of the cult band Republika. This outstanding musician performed solo as Citizen GC and Grzegorz from Ciechów. In addition, he was also a poet, composer, columnist and wrote lyrics for other performers. It was from his pen that he wrote, for example, the words to the song “Leave the Titanic” by Lady Pank or numerous hits by Justyna Steczkowska. As a music producer, he worked on albums of such figures as Steczkowska, Kayah, Kasia Kowalska and Marcin Rozynek. Ciechowski died unexpectedly at the end of 2001. Although doctors performed emergency heart aneurysm surgery, the artist did not survive. He orphaned four children: the eldest Weronika was born to Małgorzata Potocka, and her three siblings (Helena, Bruno and Józefina) were born to the artist’s second and last wife, Anna. After marrying Wojtek Skrobiszewski, she took his surname.

“Ania was a very important figure in my life, I was crazy about her as a child, I was very attached to her. When my parents were still together, she took care of me. She was my nanny, to some extent she raised me. She took me for walks, to her parents, for various nice outings. Together with my dad, she created a new house, different from the one I knew. It was definitely more closed, because she was there all the time, taking care of the children, cooking. I tried to help her as much as I could. I shopped with her, we went everywhere together, went on vacation. She helped me with my homework, she was good at math. She treated me like an adopted daughter, it was obvious “- said Weronika Ciechowska in turn in Piotr Stelmach’s book

Source: Gazeta

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