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When and how to plant rhododendrons?  Add a few drops to the water and they will bend with flowers

When and how to plant rhododendrons? Add a few drops to the water and they will bend with flowers

Rhododendron is one of the most demanding shrubs. It is best to plant it in autumn, but before that you should prepare the soil well for its cultivation. If planting rhododendrons has been a problem for you so far, thanks to our guide you will learn more about this plant.

Rhododendron, rhododendron and azalea are three different names for the same genus. The name “Rhododendron” comes from Greek and literally means rose tree. Before planting a shrub, you need to prepare properly, because this plant has special requirements. We suggest how and when to plant rhododendrons so that they return the favor with beautiful flowers.

What does a rhododendron need? Cultivation is not easy at all

Choosing a place to plant rhododendrons should be well thought out. The plant is difficult to repot and there is no guarantee that the bush will take root in a new place. The soil should be acidic and moist, and at the same time rich in humus and permeable. It is best to plant rhododendrons in a slightly darkened place. They feel good in the company of Scots pine, which will cast a suitable shade on them. Before each pruning of the shrub, you should check whether the plant has taken root well. If it turns out that the rhododendron is underdeveloped, a strong pruning will prevent it from producing new shoots.

How and when to plant rhododendrons? Do it in the fall

Rhododendrons should be planted in the fall. The best time to do this is from September to mid-November. In the soil heated after the summer, the shrub will take root well. It will also endure winter more easily and produce new roots faster. As a rule, the plant grows very slowly, so you need to be patient. If you want to plant a bush in spring, remember that the ground must be thawed by then. Want to repot rhododendrons? Also do it in the fall. The soil then has ideal conditions for root regeneration, so your plant will not suffer from the change of location.

Add a few drops to the water. A trick for beautiful leaves

The plant should be protected from wind and too much sunlight. Use a non-woven cover for this. Proper hydration is also key. If you want to prevent the leaves from curling, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water and water the bush. Thanks to this, the rhododendron will abound in beautiful and colorful flowers.

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