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How many people did John Wick kill in the first three movies?  On average, someone dies every minute

How many people did John Wick kill in the first three movies? On average, someone dies every minute

“Keanu does not accept half measures – he always goes all out and gives his best. Regardless of what is required of him, nothing is impossible for Keanu” – he said before the premiere of the third part of the John Wick film series by director Chad Stahelski. To his credit, he and Keanu Reeves’ onscreen fight scenes have taken to an unprecedented level of sophistication. John Wick eliminates numerous opponents in whole series and without respite – the total number of his fatalities from the first parts of the cycle is staggering.

On March 24, “4” with the main role enters Polish cinemas. This part is also supposed to be the actor’s farewell to the series, which has long since gained cult status. And it’s a farewell in style – the film lasts nearly three action-packed hours. Reeves spent the vast majority of his filming days shooting back-to-back fight scenes, which made working on this installment of the series extremely physically demanding for him. The effects are at least impressive and summing up briefly, we can reveal that the corpse is really dense here.

How and with what does John Wick kill?

It is not for nothing that this series is said to be one of the most surprising, unobvious, and at the same time surreal franchises of recent years. Films about John Wick have gained a large and loyal group of fans who definitely appreciate how director Chad Stahelski tries to avoid typical action clich├ęs. Moreover, as an experienced stuntman, he can develop extremely intense and breakneck fight scenes. John Wick, as the most effective and dangerous man among the paid killers, rarely has time to breathe – he alone can chase away assault groups consisting of even several dozen members.

John Wick eliminates opponents in various, increasingly sophisticated ways – sometimes extremely brutal, and sometimes surprising choreographic finesse. In his repertoire, the viewer will find both more obvious and classic means, such as shooting with firearms or throwing knives, axes and other types of melee weapons (he also sometimes throws a pistol without ammunition). He can even beat a dude twice his size, which is of course helped by a thorough knowledge of various martial arts.

John Wick easily uses cars and other wheeled vehicles as a deadly tool at times, but even a simple pencil or book in his hands can be fatal. Let’s also not forget that Baba Yaga murders both with his bare hands (he breaks his neck like matches) and with kicks, on the run, almost in flight or from the height of a horse’s back. Occasionally, he also strangles someone with a rope or wire – depending on what he has at hand. In the fourth part of the series, we will also see for the first time how the nunchucks are supported.

How many people did John Wick kill in the first three movies?

It is true that there are no official statistics and livestock from the latest part of “John Wick” yet, but we have already managed to count how many victims were killed in the first three installments of the series. In the beginning of the production’s story, the main character died on the screen 77 people. This number increased alarmingly in the sequel – Wick finished off in the second part 128 people. In the case of “John Wick 3: Parabellum”, director Chad Stahelski has already lowered his tone a bit – this time they killed “only” on the screen 94 unfortunates. So that gives us a total 299 on-screen deaths. So, on average, there are 100 victims per one part – he reports

There are also slightly more complex calculations: the first film runs 101 minutes and, on average, the main character kills someone every minute and eight seconds. The second chapter of the killer saga was 122 minutes long, and statistically speaking, in this part someone dies on average every 57 seconds. In the case of Parabellum, which lasted 130 minutes, this period was extended to one minute and 23 seconds.

How things are going with the last film in the series is not yet known, but you can already estimate. Taking into account the data so far and the length of the new production, it can be safely assumed that this time Wick killed at least about 100 people in the course of the action. It is also worth adding that a really big reward is set for his head, so wherever the boy does not appear, there are whole hosts of mercenaries lurking for thick millions of dollars. And they’re dropping like ants, so there’s a chance we’ll get close to the same level as in the second part.

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