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Fans did not recognize Klaudia Halejcio in the new video.  “I thought it was Doda”

Fans did not recognize Klaudia Halejcio in the new video. “I thought it was Doda”

Actress Klaudia Halejcio often shows a lot of creativity. The star willingly posts on Instagram and has a lot of distance to herself. He also likes to experiment. This time, she posted a recording online that surprised Internet users.

The actress is 32 years old. She actively publishes content on Instagram, where she is already followed by over 738,000. people. She is often a fashion inspiration for her followers. The young star likes to surprise fans and has recently done it again. This time she published a recording in an unusual and bold styling. What was she wearing?

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Klaudia Halejcio published an unusual video. “Only natural content”

Klaudia Halejcio posted unusual on Instagram. She put the sound from one of the episodes of the Polsat Café program “Marriage Games” to it. It’s a show where a single chosen one goes on a date with three men’s demos and is later tasked with pointing out which one of them is married. Halejcio presented herself to the fans in a wig with long strands, glued lips, making them seem much bigger, and in a bold, colorful dress with a deep neckline. In the description, she posted a somewhat ironic sentence:

Only natural content.

The actress surprised the fans with the stylization, who found the recording funny. There have been many comments.

There were many comments under the video. “I couldn’t take my eyes off your… eyes”

Klaudia Halejcio’s posts are often very popular with observers. It was no different this time, and numerous comments appeared under the recording. Some compared the actress to another popular Polish star, and other fans admitted that the video made them laugh and cheered them up.

I thought it was Doda and I’m like ‘what the hell did she do to her mouth!?’ And this is fortunately only our Klaudia.

Oh mother, this will not be forgiven.

And I thought there was only one queen.

I got pissed off.

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