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Is depilation of intimate places necessary before visiting a gynecologist?  The doctor makes it clear

Is depilation of intimate places necessary before visiting a gynecologist? The doctor makes it clear

Before we go to the gynecologist, many questions often arise in our minds, among others, concerning the issue of intimate hair. Dr. Sadaf, a gynecologist, runs a TikTok profile and answers the most popular questions.

Before going to the gynecologist’s office, many questions arise and we do not always have the courage to ask them. Dr. Sadaf, a gynecologist, dispels doubts and answers observers’ questions on Tik Tok. Recently, she explained the approach of gynecologists to the issue of intimate hair.

What should you know before visiting a gynecologist? The doctor answers

Dr. Sadaf has many years of experience, and she has had many patients on the chair, so she knows well what troubles women before visiting the clinic. She decided to record a video where she answers the three most frequently asked questions. The first thing to know before going to a breast cancer clinic is Pap smear and breast examination. Every woman over the age of 21 should have both tests regularly, even if she thinks there is nothing wrong with her body. The examinations are of a control nature and, according to the gynecologist, they should be done to make sure that everything is in order. The second issue is the period. Many patients wonder whether they should go to the gynecologist during menstruation. Dr. Sadaf believes that if a woman should feel uncomfortable during these days during the examination, it is worth considering rescheduling.

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Should I shave my private parts before visiting a gynecologist? The gynecologist explains

The last thing that bothers women before visiting the gynecologist is depilation of intimate places. Do I need to shave before my visit? Well, according to Dr. Sadaf, if a woman wants to depilate, nothing stands in the way, but it is not a necessity. The appearance of our intimate places is nothing unusual for the doctor, and the depilation of these places is an individual matter.

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