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Do one thing and the boxwood will sprout new shoots.  It will be thick and hearty like never before

Do one thing and the boxwood will sprout new shoots. It will be thick and hearty like never before

Boxwood is a beautiful plant that can perfectly fit into many garden arrangements. It can be not only a hedge, but also a beautiful sculpture. But what to do to make the boxwood thick, healthy and put out new shoots?

it is not too demanding in cultivation, which is why many people decide to include it in the arrangements of their gardens. All because of the beautiful appearance and various applications. It can be both a handsome hedge and a spectacular decoration, because it is easy to trim it into various shapes. However, what should be done to make it thicken and keep sprouting new shoots? There is a clever way to do this, which is used by experienced people.

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Do it regularly and boxwood will surprise you with its beautiful appearance. It will be thick and will put out new shoots

To keep the boxwood looking beautiful, it needs to be trimmed regularly. It is thanks to this that it will thicken, sprouting new shoots. It will also stimulate the plant to grow, so it will acquire a dense and compact shape. How often should boxwood be trimmed? It is optimal to do this one to three times a year, but when should you start? It all depends on when the plant was planted.

When and how to prune boxwood? It all depends on the date and form of planting

The right time for the first pruning of boxwood is very important. Thanks to this, it will grow healthily and we will avoid its freezing during the winter and frost. When is the best time to do it for the first time?

  • Boxwood planted at the end of summer – August and September are the best time to plant boxwood. Thanks to this, it will take root before winter, and then it is best to make the first pruning.
  • Boxwood planted in spring – prune it immediately after the bush has taken root.
  • Boxwood planted in autumn – in this case, it should be cut only in spring, so that the plant does not freeze during frosts and low temperatures.

However, remember about the proper pruning technique. If the bush grows singly, shorten the branches by 1/3 of their length. When boxwood is planted in the form of a hedge, it should be cut in the middle of the length of the shoots. It is also a good time to give the plant the desired shape.

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