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She has two vaginas and a uterus.  With husband when having sex ‘must be careful’

She has two vaginas and a uterus. With husband when having sex ‘must be careful’

Evelyn Miller became pregnant at the age of 20 and only then found out that she had two vaginas and two uteri. Today, the woman is the mother of two children and is planning a third child with her husband.

Evelyn Miller is 31 years old. A woman is born with a double set of reproductive organs – she has two vaginas and two wombs. This did not stop her from getting pregnant and despite the difficulties she had already given birth to two children. Now she admits that she and her husband intend to try for a third child.

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Evelyn Miller has two vaginas. She discovered the condition at the age of 20

Evelyn Miller from Queensland, Australia, discovered she had a double set of reproductive organs when she conceived at the age of 20. Due to the potential complications, she decided to have an abortion. About three years ago, it became known that she and her husband Tom were expecting a child again. Conception took place in the right vagina. This time she decided to carry the pregnancy, which was considered high-risk from the very beginning. All because of the woman’s reproductive system, which is divided into two parts. The condition has made the 31-year-old’s uterus half the size of the average, so the baby may have less space to develop properly in her womb.

Evelyn’s first pregnancy ended happily with a caesarean section. In June 2021, the couple welcomed their son Oliver, who was born in the 37th week of pregnancy. The woman quickly recovered from the operation and became pregnant again. Conception took place again in the right vagina. At 36 weeks, a decision was made to terminate and the woman gave birth to a girl named Amy.

Evelyn Miller is going to try for a third child. The doctors advised that she should use a second vagina to get pregnant

Some time ago, the couple decided to try for a third child. When they informed the doctors of their plans, they advised Evelyn to try to get pregnant this time using her left vagina. According to the portal, this was supposed to adversely affect the sex life of a woman who only gets pleasure when the right vagina is stimulated. When asked about her experiences with pregnancy and childbirth, Evelyn shared her thoughts. “I’m grateful I had the surgery and nothing went wrong, but I didn’t like the pulling sensation.” We are trying for a third baby and now we have to use my left vagina. The doctor told us that we can no longer use the right one, so we have to be careful when having sex.

Some time ago, in a TikTok comment, a follower asked Evelyn if she could get two pregnancies at the same time using two vaginas. The woman recorded a short video with explanations. “The doctor said we should try not to let that happen because it would be very, very dangerous for me and the babies because the wombs are small. I don’t know what would have happened if the doctors had helped deliver one baby by caesarean section. Would they sew me up so I’d have another one later? I don’t know if I could carry a second child to term after something like that. That’s interesting, so I’ll ask the doctor at the next opportunity.

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