This Tuesday, 21.3 Chef Ecuador gave the victory Henry Alvarado, a chef who today sits alongside the champions of the other three seasons. For this achievement, the competitor received several congratulations from the audience teleamazon, among those of his colleague Roberto Ayalawinner of the second cycle reality the kitchen.

“From the field to the world and a lot of honor. Congratulations Henry. The new MasterChef of Ecuador,” he wrote Ayala via Twitter. They first met in a special episode that aired last week, where he, Andres Arrata and German Vivanco They unexpectedly fell into the kitchens to “give class” to the top 6, who finally became top 1 yesterday.

“This is an unforgettable duel, the likes of which has never happened in the kitchen master chef this is something shraroat the same time, it makes you do your best. Can they win the best of the best in all three seasons? Henry then, but yesterday in the final he showed that he is on the level of the other champions and took the trophy that will forever remind him of his victories over his opponents Alexandra Torres and Victoria Patino.

To end your congratulations, Ayala attached a picture Henry during a season four episode, in which the contestants had to cook in a boxing ring and the farmer celebrated winning the challenge while still masked. I will never forget this celebration, said the pilot. (AND)