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Instead of acid, this one makeup trick.  This is how celebrities make lips bigger without fillers

Instead of acid, this one makeup trick. This is how celebrities make lips bigger without fillers

If you want fuller lips, but prefer not to undergo invasive filling methods, try this effective, natural method. Celebrity makeup artist teaches how to make lips bigger without fillers.

The most invasive and permanent way is, of course, filling the lips with hyaluronic acid, but we know a way to enhance them just as much, using only make-up cosmetics!

Mary Philips is a famous celebrity makeup artist who shared a natural way to get big lips on TikTok

Mary Phillips, a well-known celebrity makeup artist, shared her biggest makeup tricks with fans on TikTok. Recently, she taught her followers how to enlarge lips without fillersonly with a crayon.

How to correctly outline the lips with a lip liner so that the effect is natural?

Start by lining your lips with the pencil, starting from the corners and working your way up. To get the enlargement effect, we go very slightly beyond the natural contour of the lips. The make-up artist marks to draw the line as close to the contour as possible. There is a line around the lip red that is slightly lighter than the complexion. This is the highest elevation of our lips. It is after her that we should paint our lipsto get an optical zoom effect. We repeat the same with the lower lip, emphasizing the middle part of the mouth more strongly. Then we mark the cupid’s bow precisely. Finally, with a brush slightly blur the outline inwards, thanks to which we soften the lines, and the effect is natural. If we go beyond the line, we can correct the outline with a concealer. Finally, we fill the lips with the selected lipstick and it’s ready! Our lips are enlarged without fillers.

The effect will be the best if we choose the contour correctly

Outlining your lips with a lip liner is also the simplest and easiest way to enlarge your lips with makeup. To do this makeup you will need a durable and fairly soft lip pencil. When choosing the shade of the pencil, be guided by the color of your lips, especially if you care about a natural effect. The lip liner should be slightly darker than the natural color of the lips.


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