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Dowbor and Koroniewska in identical jackets.  This color in spring 2023 will be worn by ladies of all ages

Dowbor and Koroniewska in identical jackets. This color in spring 2023 will be worn by ladies of all ages

It is said that a man often chooses a woman similar to his own mother as his future wife. Was this also the case with Maciej Dowbor? Recently, two ladies closest to him – Katarzyna Dowbor and Joanna Koroniewska – presented themselves in almost identical jackets. The color of the clothes of both of them was quickly hailed as “the hit of the coming spring 2023”.

One could say that the saying “like mother, like daughter” is well known and as old as the world, but in the case of Katarzyna Dowbor and Joanna Koroniewska, “like mother-in-law, like daughter-in-law” would be better. Why? Recently, both the mother and the wife of the 44-year-old journalist Maciej Dowbor appeared in almost identical jackets!

What’s more, the clothes of both ladies were in a color that, according to many stylists, has a great chance to dominate 2023. Some time ago it could be seen on the catwalks, and now it is worn by celebrities around the world. Sounds interesting, right?


Katarzyna Dowbor and Joanna Koroniewska in the most fashionable color of spring 2023. What did they look like?

If you thought you’d already got acquainted with the entire palette of this year’s spring trends, you may be wrong. In spring 2023, not only silver, lemon yellow and various pastel shades will dominate, but also … strong, bright pink! Elements of clothing in this color have already appeared on fashion catwalks and more and more often we can see ladies wearing clothes in this shade on the streets.

Recently, Katarzyna Dowbor and Joanna Koroniewska have also decided on bright pink clothes. What’s more, both of the ladies were wearing almost identical jackets! The 44-year-old actress styled the outfit with a white classic T-shirt, denim shorts and blue heels, while the 64-year-old journalist opted for an elegant suit in a fashionable pink color. Needless to say, both were phenomenal.

Not only Dowbor and Koroniewska opted for clothes in this color. Bright pink conquers the streets!

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to notice that clothes in bright pink color are a real hit of the latest season! They are loved by women all over the world, and in stylizations in this shade we can see both Polish and foreign stars. Dresses, suits, jumpsuits – there are many interesting proposals for spring days. In addition, this color is perfect for women of all ages!

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