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Massage into the scalp and wait 30 minutes.  It’s a hit for falling hair.  Salon-like effect for PLN 4

Massage into the scalp and wait 30 minutes. It’s a hit for falling hair. Salon-like effect for PLN 4

Excessive hair loss is a problem faced by many women. How to deal with it? Simple, proven ways that will work better than many professional treatments will help. Bet on products you probably already have.

Every day, we lose 50 to 100 hairs and it is completely normal. When the problem begins to deepen and we lose more and more of them, it is worth introducing conscious care, taking care of your diet and using proven home tricks that will help stop this problem. What are they about?

What about hair loss? This home treatment is a hit for pennies

Homemade methods are as effective as those from the drugstore, and at the same time do not burden the wallet too much. If you are struggling with excessive hair loss, it is worth doing glutka z lamination . All you have to do is pour a few teaspoons of the product with hot water, let it cool down, and then strain it. Apply the resulting loose “jelly” to the length of the hair and massage into the scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Linseed will strengthen hair bulbs, making them fall out less. In addition, it has a strong moisturizing and soothing effect. Hair will be nourished, strong and loose.

Oiling is a reliable way to prevent hair loss. It is worth taking care of them

Another reliable method is oiling. Although we usually use them mainly on the length of the hair, if we struggle with excessive hair loss, it is also worth massaging into the scalp. The best will be the one made of burdock, nigella or nettle. Apply for an hour, then rinse thoroughly. Wash your hair as usual.

Remember these steps. Hair loss will not be a problem

Not only regular care, but also seemingly insignificant changes will make your hair strong and healthy. What is worth remembering?

  • Do not wipe wet hair with a towelinstead, blot off excess with a cotton T-shirt.
  • Invest in a decent brushand silk rubber bands that will not tug your hair.
  • Use cosmetics that suit your needs, preferably without SLS.
  • Perform regularly peeling and scalp massage.
  • Take care of a healthy and balanced diet.

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