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Due to a genetic disease, the condition of his wife and daughter is deteriorating.  “Once it happened that a knife stuck in my thigh”

Due to a genetic disease, the condition of his wife and daughter is deteriorating. “Once it happened that a knife stuck in my thigh”

The condition of Mr. Tadeusz’s wife and daughter is deteriorating day by day. The women suffer from a rare genetic disease that causes movement disorders, mental disorders and dementia. The man told his story in a report of the “Uwaga” TVN program.

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– Few live like this, because who would want to live like this – admits Pan Tadeusz in the reportage Attention! TVN. His wife and daughter suffer from a rare condition, Huntington’s Chorea. For many years, the man has been living on the pension of a carer of people with disabilities. The disease is still progressing.

The man did not know how terrible a genetic disease could be. He noticed the first symptoms in his mother-in-law

Huntington’s chorea manifests itself with motor and mental disorders, as well as deepening dementia. Tadeusz, who has been taking care of his wife and daughter for many years, noticed the first symptoms of the disease in his mother-in-law. “She had tics, but I didn’t know at the time that it could be such a serious genetic disease,” he admitted.

manifested in his wife when she was 30 years old. Today, Mr. Tadeusz’s partner is unable to move and speak. He also has big problems with eating. Their daughter also suffers from Huntington’s disease. 21-year-old Monika has fits of rage in which she is completely out of control. – I had scratches all over my face, once it happened that she stuck a knife in my thigh – the man admitted – My daughter is dangerous. I’ve learned to live with it, but I’m at war here.

The man’s son also lives in the family home. The boy does not want to agree to diagnostic tests, and due to his constantly deepening depression, he practically does not leave his room.

Despite the hardships, she does not want to send her loved ones to a nursing home. “I want to give them a little bit of life”

Although he is a construction worker by profession, Tadeusz has been unable to work for many years. He lives on the pension of his daughter and wife. Three times a week he is helped by a babysitter assigned by the Communal Social Welfare Centre. Although the 21-year-old is strongly attached to the woman, officials see no other option than to place the girl and her mother in a special facility. However, Pan Tadeusz does not agree to this.

– I can’t give them back, they are my children, my wife – emphasized the man – They are safe at home, I want to give them a substitute for life. I still have strength.

Source: Gazeta

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