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Seniors born in these months can get up to PLN 1,000 more.  One application is enough

Seniors born in these months can get up to PLN 1,000 more. One application is enough

According to the “Fakt” daily, women who were born in April, May or June 1956 should submit an application for recalculation of their old-age pension in this month. They can make a lot of money this way. How?

Under the law, women can retire at the age of 60. In this case, their benefit will be recalculated based on the contributions collected divided by the projected life expectancy.

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The recalculation of the pension will give up to PLN 1,000. How?

Women who used OFE, i.e. Open Pension Funds, can also count on a periodic capital pension. This, in turn, is nothing more than additional funds that affect their account through five years. Usually it is about PLN 300. According to the data obtained by “”, over 500,000 people use this benefit. seniors.

When a woman reaches the age of 65, the Social Insurance Institution recalculates her, but without deducting the amounts already paid. This means that people who take advantage of this opportunity in due time can count on really significant increases. According to the calculations of “Fact”, we are talking about amounts of the order 700 or even 1000 PLN.

These seniors can count on a favorable conversion. Attention! The application must be submitted by the end of March

It is worth knowing that ladies who retired after October 1, 2017 do not have to do anything for the Social Insurance Institution to recalculate their pension together with funds from OFE. The situation is different in the case of women who were born in April, May and June 1956. According to the daily, if they submit an application for recalculation of the benefit by March 31, 2023, they can count on an increase in the benefit. All thanks to the currently applicable life expectancy tables, which are extremely favorable in connection with the pandemic, and will change from April 1. That’s why it’s worth to hurry up and take advantage of the conversion by the end of this month, and not wait for the bet to do it automatically at a later date. It is enough to submit a completed ERPO form.

Source: Gazeta

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