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“Idol”. Katy Perry let loose during the audition. No one expected such an ending

In American Idol, there was a funny situation involving the wife of one of the jurors. Katy Perry was involved in a cleverly planned prank, who kept her seriousness the whole time and felt great in her role.

What happened during the shooting of the American film will certainly go down in the history of the program. The wife of one of the judges invaded the production set, disrupting the recordings of castings. It turned out that the prank was planned with Katy Perry, and the whole event was recorded by cameras.

Strange situation on the set of “Idol”. What really happened?

Things started to get tense on the set when one of the crew members started cleaning the piano keys just before the next contestant entered the audition. This seemed strange to the jurors, especially since the person in question was wearing a hat and dark glasses, and her face was covered by a mask. When a young vocalist appeared on stage and started singing, an alarm on the phone went off unexpectedly backstage, which interrupted the casting for a moment.

After a while, the participant continued her performance, but this time she was also interrupted. The noisy crew member decided it was a good time for a snack and began to open a bag of crisps. Enraged, Katy Perry jumped up from her chair and took his bag of food. “That’s enough,” the singer said, clearly annoyed. When she returned to the table, the employee followed her and took his property with a vengeance. “Easy, calm,” Luke Bryan shouted, trying to calm things down.

The whole situation was planned. The wife of one of the jurors played a joke on him

Lionel Richie, concerned about the aggressive interest of a production person, asked security to ask the rude employee to leave. But before that happened, Perry ran to a member of the crew and pulled the cap off his head. Then the whole truth came out. Under the disguise was Luke Bryan’s ex-wife Caroline. “Oh my God,” said the shocked man. “You’ve been deceived,” said Lionel, amused. It turned out that the woman planned everything cleverly, and the alleged participant, whom she interrupted several times in the performance, was a hired extra prepared for such an occasion. Also Katy Perry was involved in the intrigue and did an excellent job in her role.

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