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“Basic Instinct” helped her to appear in Hollywood.  The price of fame was high.  “I punched the director in the face”

“Basic Instinct” helped her to appear in Hollywood. The price of fame was high. “I punched the director in the face”

For Sharon Stone, the role in the movie “Basic Instinct” was a ticket to a great career. However, the opportunity to appear in Hollywood cost her a lot. It was only after many years that the actress returned with her memories to work on the set of an erotic thriller and told about her traumatic experiences.

Although today, directed by Paul Verhoeven, it is considered one of the most iconic productions of the 1990s, after its premiere it aroused a lot of controversy among viewers. The main role was played by , for whom it was a pass to an international career. It turns out, however, that the actress does not remember well the times of filming, which helped her to appear in Hollywood. She shared her traumatic memories in her autobiography.

The controversial scene of Basic Instinct. The production caused a scandal

One of the most popular scenes from “Basic Instinct” and at the same time the most controversial is the interrogation of Catherine (). During the testimony, the heroine clearly seduces the policemen. He takes a drag on his cigarette and casts meaningful glances in their direction. She changes position unexpectedly, but that’s part of her game. He moves his legs so that the officers can see that he is not wearing underwear. When the film hit theaters, the scene was met with huge disapproval from viewers and critics. It turns out that the recordings of this moment are as controversial as the effects presented on the screen.

A year ago, Sharon Stone’s autobiography “It’s Beautiful to Live Twice” appeared in bookstores. In the book, the actress shares her memories of working on the sets, including her cooperation with the director of “Basic Instinct”. It turns out that for almost 30 years, she has been hiding a dark secret.

The director asked her to take off her underwear. What happened next was contrary to what was agreed

During the filming of the scene, under the pretext of the light reflecting in the underwear, the director asked Sharon to take off her panties. He assured that there was nothing to be afraid of, because the photos would be taken in such a way that the intimate parts of her gun would not be visible. After the material was already recorded, the actress went backstage to see the effects. She was accompanied not only by the director and people from the production, but also by outsiders.

This is how I saw my crotch on the screen for the first time. After seeing this scene, I punched the director in the face and ran to the car

– bitterly. Although the lawyer assured that the scene would be removed, because it was created against her will and assurances, the director did not give up. He put pressure on Sharon for a long time, which she finally gave in to.

Paul tried to convince me that I had no choice, that there was nothing I could do about it. I was only an actress, only a woman – what choice could I have? […] In the end, I agreed to include this scene in the film because it really enriched the story and my character

she wrote in the book. Sharon admitted that this was not the only time Verhoeven discredited her participation in the production, claiming that she should be grateful for the opportunity and opportunities she had been given. He repeatedly emphasized that she was his “thirteenth choice”, and her place in the film could have been taken by many other actresses.

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