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Remember “The Thorn Birds”? Richard Chamberlain devastated fans with his confession

He was considered one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. The list of his roles is long, but he gained the greatest fame thanks to “The Thorn Birds”. Women all over the world adored him. When, at the age of 68, he revealed his orientation, he even crushed the fans.

Handsome, talented, calm and gallant. This is how Richard Chamberlain, a great actor with a considerable film output, has always been described. Some of them are still very popular and are even a symbol of the era. For many years, the actor was considered an unavailable lover who avoided relationships. The truth turned out to be completely different. He has now abandoned film for a different kind of art.

A memorable role. The object of sighs around the world

Richard Chamberlain was born in 1934 almost in the center of Hollywood, raised in Beverly Hills. Chamberlain is regarded as a versatile actor who can combine charisma with grace and emotional depth in his roles. He has appeared in a variety of film and television genres, from dramas to science fiction and disaster movies. The audience loved him for his role in “The Shogun”, but also in “The Man in the Iron Mask”, “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “Julius Caesar” and “The Four Musketeers”. However, the cult miniseries “The Thorn Birds” brought him the greatest popularity, which described the forbidden love between a priest and a young girl from the province.

This is one of the first productions that so well described the problem of celibacy. There was no moralizing or searching for simple answers. For his performance in The Thorn Birds, Richard Chamberlain won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie.

My punishment is the eternal uncertainty of whether I love God more than you.

These words spoken by the main character are remembered. Rachel Ward, who played Meggie Cleary, said that Richard was an incredibly helpful and empathetic colleague on the set. They played their feeling so convincingly that rumors quickly spread that love blossomed between them in real life as well. Meanwhile, he was consistently silent, and although he was seen with various men, he never entered into serious relationships with them. Fans even sent him several hundred love letters a day. Many people speculated that he was just a Hollywood beau who didn’t like stability. The truth turned out to be completely different.


Unfair lover patch. The actor was in a relationship for 30 years

In 2003, Chamberlain publicly revealed that he was gay, and in his autobiography, he described his experiences and struggle with accepting his sexual orientation. He kept it a secret for most of his life. On Dateline NBC, he said:

When I was growing up, being gay was forbidden. That’s why I had to hide this part of myself, I was afraid of it. Now I can talk about it openly, I’m not afraid to admit it anymore.

And as it turned out, the actor who was accused of avoiding relationships lasted in one for 30 years! His partner was Martin Rabbetta. Together they moved to Hawaii, where they lived a quiet life. Over time, however, Richard missed Hollywood and decided to return. And this, in turn, contributed to the breakup. Returning to acting was no longer so easy. He has appeared in several popular productions, including “Touched by an Angel”, “Desperate Housewives” or “Brothers and Sisters”, but without great success. His last film role was in “Blackbeard”. The actor decided to do something else because he has plenty of talent. He paints paintings that are highly appreciated and sell quickly. In addition, he also writes poems. He is involved in social and environmental activities, supporting organizations such as Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. In 1998 he visited Poland and said that he had never been received as warmly as in Poland.

Source: Gazeta


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