the chef Carolina Sánchez dressed as a gala to welcome viewers to the final of Master chef: OvertimeThat aired on the night of Saturday, March 18 at Teleamazon and where they participated Sol, Sarah and Sonniaformer contestants of the program’s fourth season that next Tuesday, March 21, it will also come to an end.

“For the first time, three women compete for the prize,” said the jury, who also reminded her guests that the winner takes home the sum of $5000.

Alexandra Torres, ‘la diabla’ of MasterChef Ecuador, burst into tears on Friday March 17, why?

The participants they faced an initial 25-minute challenge to gain an advantage over their rivals: prepare 3 canapés, each with a different flavour.

“I like that one it has pork, it’s golden brown; Also the chicken with the tomato goes very well and I like that you made a sweet one with the papaya sauce”, Sánchez responded to Sonnia’s proposal.

While Sol stood out for its presentation, it failed in its flavours. “I really liked the Portobello and the pineapple I liked, but the loin is dry and daddy’s loin lacks salt”, noted the chief, who did not appear in company on this occasion Irene Gonzalez and Jorge Rauschalso judges of the official competition.

The fourth season of ‘MasterChef Ecuador’ already has its semifinalists; Jamil Faour, disabled

Sara chose the same dough for her canapés and varied her fillings. “The dough is good, butor I would have liked them all to have more personality and the sauce is for everyone to dip.”

After a quick evaluation, Sonnia made it to the lead and her mission was to indicate which instrument each of them would use in their next preparation. She chose the smoker, gave the nitrogen to Sol, and the siphon was assigned to Sara.

The second challenge, prepare a main dish with the assigned instruments, dismissed Sol from the competition, which did not get nitrogen technology on its plate. While ‘See you tomorrow, mom’, Sara’s proposal was recognized for its presentation and fillingas well as the use of the siphon.

Fighting for a dream Sonnia’s dish was polished with long term steak and silky smooth mashalthough the béchamel sauce did not stand out.

The final challenge of the match, prepare a dessert in 20 minutes, it turned out in favor of Sonnia, who proclaimed herself as the definitive winner of this space and got one giant $5,000 check from Caro Sánchez. His dish, ‘Very good food’, was a cake filled with almonds, arequipe, walnuts and bananas with pastry cream and a praline as decoration.

This is the start of my restaurant and it’s going to be crazy”, predicted the excited winner. “I didn’t expect it, it’s been a struggle. Thank you for this beautiful award, keep dreaming dreams come true”.