Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera spoke with Catalina Mora, one of the Ecuadorian participants of the American reality show whoever can sit, and the other is Alejandra Jaramillo, about her mysterious love affair. Only the details that Carrera himself disclosed during the relationship that began in 2022 are known, but not the identity of his current fiancee.

Danilo Carrera confirmed his retirement from acting because his mother is suffering from cancer: “I’m leaving the things I have in Mexico to go with my mother”

The Ecuadorian, he admitted, is more in love than ever, and he doesn’t see an “expiry date” in their relationship. “This is the first time I don’t see my relationship ending,” he said.

He also confirmed that his fiancee is part of the Egyptian royal family. “In Latin America we’re not used to it, but in other continents it’s quite common for them to have titles, to have castles, for their family to have castles.” He adds that what attracted him most about his girlfriend at first was how tall she was.

Before, he emphasizes, he wanted his children to look like him, but the opposite is true with his current partner. “No, look like her. She is a super good athlete, super intelligent, speaks four languages… who looks like her”.

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The artist from Guayaquil is said to have met his girlfriend in Egypt, a country he often visits, according to his posts on Instagram. In an interview with Mexican television host Galileo Montijo, he also revealed that his partner “has her royal titles out there.” Carrera’s partner on the set invincible lovethe actor’s last novel, is one of the few people who know the identity of the mysterious woman.

Carrera plans to temporarily retire from acting to focus on caring for her mother, who is suffering from cancer. (AND)