It is a fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is the player who attracts the most fans and haters around the world. Some see the Portuguese’s competitiveness as a flaw, while others see it as a virtue that has brought him to where he is and keeps him as a “trendy man”.

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in the Saudi Arabian Professional League, he has considered the competition “low-level” as a swagger, where his fans trend him for his triumphs and his haters for his failures.

It is true that CR7 is trying to direct the legendary ending of his very successful career.

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He himself admitted at the press conference of his presentation as a reinforcement of Al Nassr that his career as a football player in Europe has come to an end, thus burying the illusion of the fans, above all of Real Madrid, that they see him in the “Last Dance”. “. close your career.

And although the Middle Eastern country is a much less competitive championship than he is used to, he is far from finding peace.

What is the “El Camello de Oro” award given to Cristiano Ronaldo

In parallel with his moment of what they call a “professional decline”, his eternal rival, Lionel Messi, not only became the world champion in Qatar 2022, but also won the Ballon d’Or and was awarded the best by FIFA.

As a result of the contrast between the Portuguese and the Argentinian’s present, Cristiano Ronaldo’s haters show no mercy.

In this way, to make fun of the goals that CR7 scores in Al Nassr, they invented the “Golden Camel” award, which, cruelly, causes a storm on social networks with every publication of the Saudi team’s score. .

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This was the case, for example, on February 25, two days after The Best FIFA Awards, the day Ronaldo scored three goals for his team against Damac in his 18th appearance in the professional league.

Faced with such a production, Lionel Messi fans commented on every post alluding to the hat trick demanding that the former Manchester United man be awarded the “Golden Camel”.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s numbers at Al Nassr so far, between the Saudi Professional League and the Saudi Super Cup, he has made eight appearances at Al Nassr, with eight goals and two assists.

At first glance, he still seems to be a productive player hungry for wins, and still ready to be in the Top 3 in the major leagues of the world.