There is no way to hide anything in a live broadcast. And that happened this Saturday, March 18, on managers of the space “The humble” Brand90 during a strong 6.6 earthquake that hit the coast of Ecuador.

your reaction it was recorded on video and it went viral in the hours after the earthquake. Journalist Roberto Bonafont was the only one who seemed to remain calm, while his companions rose between looks of fear. “My God! No, my God.”

“It doesn’t matter, calm down, it’s over, it’s over. We continue, this building is anti-seismic and that’s why it moves like this and that’s why the shaking is felt twice as strong. I’m not leaving – Bonafont exclaimed. who did not move from his place and He continued to host the program in the absence of his colleagues.

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His persistence and determination to remain calm was met with approval by his colleagues in the television medium.

My respect to lawyer Bonafonte for that cheerfulness when they broadcast their program live and there was a strong earthquake of 6.7. degree in various cities of Ecuador”, the journalist wrote Jessenia Haati, based in the United States. “I would have run away. I hope everyone is well and safe. It is hard not to panic after the terrible earthquake of 2016 that claimed so many lives in the country.“, he recalled.