For several months and since her relationship with Gerard Piqué ended, Shakira proposed to leave the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​although various circumstances prevented her from doing so.

His plan is to travel with his children Milan and Sasha to the United States on April 1 to live in his mansion on North Bay Road Drive in Miami Beach, although that could change.

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Semana assures that the translator of “Monotonia” is thinking of moving elsewhere, given the lack of privacy in her house, which is why she is exposed to the press and her neighbors Jennifer López, Ricky Martin and Julio Iglesias.

Where might Shakira move?

According to journalist Álex Rodríguez, who worked for “El programa de Ana Rosa”, the one from Barranquilla would study the possibility of moving to a luxurious private island in Florida.

“It is not publicly available, it is located in a private area, more precisely on a small island, and it is owned by an Indian businessman,” said the communicator.

That would allow the singer to leave Spain, a goal she put on hold in January due to the health of her father, William Mebarak Chadid, who was scheduled to undergo neurological surgery in February that was canceled due to his advanced age.

A photo of Shakira and her father was published on her Instagram profile in 2020 Photo: @Shakira

As for his residence on North Bay Road Drive, Álex Rodríguez pointed out that it is not fit for habitation.

“We were there and the house is not painted, the pool is not maintained… Everything is paralyzed, it doesn’t seem like they will receive anyone,” he said.

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Either way, Shakira’s move in April is inevitable, as “La Loba” will use spring break to send her kids to school and seek a second opinion on her father’s intervention.

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