Remembered for his brave character Allan Grant in the Jurassic Park saga, director Steven Spielberghe found that he is being treated for stage three blood cancer and wrote in his memoirs that he was “probably dying” diseases diagnosed a year ago.

This harsh discovery of Fr Your treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is included in the book Have I ever told you this? (Have I ever told you that?) of his authorship and which will be published next week.

In his first chapter, Written during chemotherapy, Neill declares: “The thing is: I’m sick. Possible dying. I might have to speed this up.”

The actor explained to the newspaper Guard that the disease is now in remission, but that he will have to continue chemotherapy for life. “I cannot hide that the past year did not have its dark moments“, He said.

But these dark moments they shed light on clear relief and make me grateful for each day and for all my friends. just happy to be alive“, he added.

Likewise, the actor used social network Instagram to appease his followers: “Hello, I’m Sam Neal! Some kind of actor, winegrower and author“, he wrote. “As you can see, I am alive and well, I have been in remission for eight months, which is a very good feeling.“.

Instagram: samneilltheprop

“I am very happy to return to work. We started shooting in seven days because I do something called apples never fall with Annette Bening and a really wonderful cast.”

Neill’s long career began in the 1970s and included dozens of roles in film and television, including the one in the series Pointed glasses or an award-winning film Piano.