The fear of being fired from the MasterChef Ecuador cooking show broke the shell she herself confessed to putting on. Alexandra Torres, known as “la diabla”, could not avoid tears in the edition broadcast on the night of Friday, March 17, when she was just starting to present the dish that would save her or send her home.

“I always wrap myself in a shell. I seem to be a strong, tough woman, but in reality I am very sensitive, airy, delicious, delicious,” she joked after tears betrayed her, during the final arrival at the lectern in the challenge where the pass to the semi-finals was contested with Jamil Faour.

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Busy, just like Jamil Alexandra showed. None surpassed the two previous cooking sessions in which their colleagues Henry Alvarado, Victoria Patiño and Johanna León took to the much-anticipated balcony to go to the semi-finals of the gastronomic competition.

Alexandra Torres and Jamil Faour at MasterChef Ecuador

The emotion could be felt by the two participants who identified as arch-rivals throughout the competition. Jamil said he always saw her as a worthy opponent and wanted to cook against her. Alexandra also paid her respects in the kitchen, confessing that she would have liked that to be the finale.

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After hearing the decision of the jury, the mortal enemies in the kitchen hugged each other and Alexandra, ‘la diabla’, the sarcastic one, the one with the strong voice, couldn’t hold back the tears and in a broken voice she limited herself to saying “from thank you very much,” while Jamil, one of this season’s favorites of Masterchef in Ecuador, made no secret of his sadness. The wide steak with stuffed achogcha and quinoa he prepared was fine in taste, but the star ingredient did not excel, he put little on the plate and that is why he left according to the judges.

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