Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera not only spoke about his new relationship, but also had some words for his former partners, in particular for the actresses Ángela Rincón and Michelle Renaud, both ex-partners from Guayaquil.

“Criticism rained down on me in Mexico, the United States and even Ecuador”: Danilo Carrera tells how he felt when he was sentenced without knowing it was to take care of his mother

About Renaud, he said he didn’t think anything specific about his alleged pregnancy because he is not someone “who is in his life”. When asked if his relationship with her was toxic, the Ecuadorian limited himself to the answer that “all relationships in the world have their positives and negatives.”

However, when asked who he would save from drowning between Renaud and Rincón, he replied that he would throw the life preserver at Renaud and swim to save Rincón. “You have to think like a man, the man has a responsibility to save them both,” Carrera stressed.

Carrera has always been tight-lipped about his love life and there are not many details about his relationship with Rincón. Although many Mexican media outlets speculated that the actor was secretly married to the actress, the actor always denied it.

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Despite being a seemingly stable couple, the actor came out invincible love and Renaud ended their relationship in January 2021. The Ecuadorian artist later announced that they broke up because his girlfriend wanted children, while he did not consider that an option at the time.

However, both ended on cordial terms: In a 2022 interview on the Univision network show, The fat and the skinnyCarrera admitted that it made him “happy” to know his ex was fine.

Currently, the actor is planning to take a temporary break from acting as he plans to move to Miami to live with his family and take care of his mother, who is suffering from cancer.