American program whoever can sitin which the Ecuadorian presenter Alejandra Jaramillo participates, decided to invite the boy reality Mexican Christian Estrada will discuss the custody situation of his son with his ex-partner María Fernando Quiroz.

Estrada said on the show that Quiroz does not allow him to see his son, and that he demanded $4,000 in child support as a condition of seeing him. “From the position of a mother, my son also has a father. I would not dare under any circumstances, whatever he does, I would never dare to take him away from my son and his upbringing,” Jaramillo stressed.

The Ecuadorian’s comments did not go down well with Quiroz, who posted the story on her Instagram account claiming that Jaramillo was a little “empathetic”: “I understand that it’s a program, that it’s your job. I don’t know if you’re a journalist or a presenter, anyway. I thought that you will be an empathetic and generous woman,” said the Mexican.

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“I understand that you don’t know the truth of the story, you don’t know how things were, and you don’t know me, so please be very careful what you say,” Quiroz continued. “I’m sure if what happened to me had happened to you, you wouldn’t have said what you said.”

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Jaramillo said during Estrada’s first appearance on the program that the priority in the relationship should be the husband, and now he responded to Quiroz’s statements confirming that a minor should not suffer for the problems of his parents.

“First, I live in a country with freedom of expression, I can give my opinion on any topic. Second, I didn’t pass any judgment on anyone. I’m here doing my job,” Jaramillo said.

“They talk about empathy, and I was really empathetic… I put myself at the feet of the most important person in this situation, the minor, your son,” Jaramillo said. “The problems of a couple who separate and choose different paths do not have to be paid for by a minor, that’s my opinion and I stand by it.”

Last Friday, March 17, Jaramillo posted a video on her Instagram account in which she expressed that she doesn’t feel obligated to marry another woman just because she’s a woman. “Since when has being a feminist been misconstrued to mean blindly supporting everything a woman says or does, even if it’s wrong? Who invented that if I have a different opinion than a woman, then I am her enemy? (AND)