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After the success of Crocodile Dundee, she moved into the shadows. She gave up her career for an actor who was 19 years her senior

The role in the film “Crocodile Dundee” brought her international popularity and love. Actress of Polish descent Linda Kozlowski had everything to make a great career. Eventually, she left Hollywood to lead a quiet life in Australia. What does an action movie star do today?

Linda Kozlowski never planned a Hollywood career, but acting was her great passion. After two failed roles, she auditioned for and was hired almost immediately. In love with a colleague from the plan, she decided to give up her career and go to Australia. After a few years of living together, she filed for divorce and completely changed her life.

She wanted to make a career on Broadway. Eventually, she conquered Hollywood and found love

Her beginnings in acting were associated with Broadway. First, she played in the series “Nurse”, and three years later in “The Death of a Salesman”. Ultimately, none of the roles turned out to be successful, and Linda Kozlowski remained unemployed for many months. When she was 27, she came to Los Angeles, hoping to get a job in the profession. Less than two months later, she auditioned for the film and landed the female lead. – Linda was unemployed and broke before “Dundee”, but she had that quality you see in stars waiting to be discovered – Paul Hogan playing the main character.

The production turned out to be a hit, and the actors gained international popularity and fame. However, at that point, career wasn’t their priority. Kozlowski and Hogan fell in love, and soon the actor abandoned his wife and five children for a friend who was almost 20 years younger.

She gave up her career for him. They moved to Australia

In 1990, the acting couple got married. Marriage to Hogan was a dream come true for Linda. The actor was generous with gifts, and on her wedding day he gave her a $2 million gift, a villa. Five years later, they decided to go to Australia, and Kozlowski began to think about giving up acting for good. “I was turning 40 and I wanted a baby. My biological clock was ticking, time was running out. Plus, the movies I’ve acted in have given me ulcers, in an interview with Scripps Howard News Service.

Chance’s only son was born in 1998. Motherhood completely changed the actress and three years later she officially ended her career. Then, however, she admitted that if she received a lucrative offer, she would certainly consider returning to the screens. Such an opportunity never came.

The family idyll was interrupted in 2013, then the couple announced their separation, which was a shock to many. “We were attracted to each other for a long time, and when it stopped, we decided to part ways,” Hogan in the Daily Telegraph.

Divorce and new love. Kozlowski found happiness in Morocco

Shortly after the divorce, Kozlowski went on a holiday trip to Morocco, during which she met local guide Moulay Hafid Baba. They fell in love with each other and soon became a couple. Their relationship also developed in the business field. Together, they founded the travel company “Dream My Destiny”, offering customers personalized tours. Like the magazine “Globe”, in 2017 they decided to formalize their relationship, and the actress sold her mansion and moved to her beloved. “Now I enjoy my freedom. I don’t miss acting because my life is full now – said Linda Kozlowski in one of the last interviews.

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