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They prohibit a pitched battle to determine who is the Egyptian Batman

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The Egyptian authorities announced this Wednesday the prohibition of a pitched battle convened in August with the aim of determining who is the “true Egyptian Batman” and arrested four of the organizers, who promoted this event that has had a great impact on social networks.

According to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior, the event consisted of “dressing up (as Batman) and meet next August 13 in front of the Heluan metro station (in the south of Cairo) in order to fight among themselves”.

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The winner would be named “the real one” Dark Knight of Egypt.

The Police identified and arrested four of the people “responsible for launching this invitation and creating the event pages on social networks”, who were followed by tens of thousands of users, many of whom confirmed their willingness to participate, according to the note.

Likewise, Interior alleged that the organizers called this event to “achieve material gains with ads and advertising” and added that all legal measures were taken against them.

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This event was announced, initially as a joke, after a Facebook user proclaimed himself the “batman of egypt”, something that generated a wave of comments on the social network from other people who also claimed to be the character of DC Comics.

The fun controversy led to the organization of this event, for which even posters and merchandise of Batman driving a tuk-tuk, the motorcycle that serves as a taxi in the most popular neighborhoods of Egypt.

Protests are banned in Egypt and the authorities tend to avoid large gatherings of people, even at football matches, while the organizers of such gatherings are routinely arrested and in many cases jailed as well. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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