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HBO Max made the statement. It removes part of the production from the platform and will no longer be filming in Poland

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More and more titles are disappearing from the Max library – it has already been decided to remove such items as “Desire”, “Informator” or “Unaware”. In addition, due to the discontinuation of further work on local original productions in Poland, viewers will not see such series as the cult “Wataha” or the newest “Thaw” warmly received by viewers, which was directed by Xawery Żuławski.

HBO Max suspends local projects

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The revolutionary change that the streaming platform has decided on is related primarily to the planned merger of HBO Max with Discovery +. As we learn from a short message published by HBO:

As part of further work on combining HBO Max and Discovery + into one global streaming platform (…), the current programming offer of the existing services is being reviewed.

Part of this process is the decision to remove some genuine HBO Max productions from HBO Max, as well as stop further work on local HBO Max genuine productions in the Nordic countries and Central Europe.

Will the already ongoing productions be suspended?

A review of productions that are already underway to decide whether they will finally be on the HBO Max platform or whether other licensing solutions will be applied to them – informs Agnieszka Niburska, PR director for Central Europe in a press release for Polish media.

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So far, there are no indications that Polish productions such as “Thaw”, “Wataha” or “Pact” were to be removed from the HBO Max platform – its representatives also assure. However, it is not known what will be the fate of the projects that have not yet been completed. This applies, for example, to the series “Warszawianka” directed by Jacek Borcuch. Borys Szyc was to play the main role.

Financial problems cause a revolution?

As we learn from the website, the merger of Warner Bros., the owner of HBO Max and Discovery, which took place at the beginning of April, forced the necessity to introduce savings. Their value is planned to amount to about three billion dollars in the first two years of stopping local production. The reason for avoiding investment and additional costs may be the company’s debt, currently amounting to approximately $ 55 billion. This is not the first symptom of the crisis on the streaming platform market – Netflix has also been experiencing it recently, recording a clear decline in the number of subscriptions and share prices in the last quarter.

Source: Gazeta

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