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Teatro Centro de Arte incorporates in its art workshops one aimed at children and young people with Down syndrome

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The Art Center Theater will open a space for comprehensive workshops aimed at children, from 7 years old, and young people with Down syndrome. These trainings will be in charge of the artist Trilce Zuniga.

An Ecuadorian app to support the education of children with Down syndrome

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Zúñiga, who has been working with people with disabilities in the field of the arts for more than ten years, indicates that this type of workshop helps to discover vocations and talents. “They have to discover what they like, what they want and they are generally very assiduous in developing their artistic skills, which together go hand in hand with their therapeutic processes”, defends in an interview with this newspaper.

She maintains that it goes beyond the purpose of keeping them “busy”. “There is always a tendency to think that when talking about art it is only coloring in holiday workshops, or it is seen as distracting and it is the opposite”, He says.

He explains that art therapy consists of the development of emotions, of therapeutic processes. “Art is going to allow them to give themselves a space to develop abilities and skills, and promote a talent to generate productivity in the life of this child and this young person. We aim for that formation, with a serious commitment”, emphasizes.

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“Art is a new channel of expression. Art allows them to socialize, disinhibit, develop more spontaneously the skills and abilities that perhaps in a therapeutic context or in a school context would have certain limitations“adds and underlines that these types of activities such as sports and the arts must be present in people’s early lives to discover their vocation, talent or profession.

Teatro Centro de Arte incorporates in its workshops one for children and young people with down syndrome.

He also points out that the initiative does not seek to separate them, but provide them with the inputs and tools necessary for their integration and socialization with the real world. Through its specialized workshops for people with disabilities, nearly 100 students, of which -he affirms- 22 are or attended university. She has had students with physical disabilities, hearing disabilities, autism, and Down syndrome.

The success of the adult with Down syndrome is possible

The methodology, the activities, and the motivations merge in this course that is planned to be taught in a school period. The class will be divided into three environments, which are technique, inner development and socialization among peers. This school year will be made up of three stages, one for training, another for production (here they will create paintings, masks, collaborative murals), and finally entrepreneurship from art.

The techniques that will be taught are various, such as graphoplastic techniques, painting, modeling, paper mache sculpture, masks, mixed media, graphic arts, engraving and textile printing, among others.

These workshops have a monthly cost of $100 and will be held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.; at the Art Center Theatre. Registrations can be made throughout the month of July, They plan to start in August. Registration can be made at www.tca/escuelas or numbers 0939337054 / 2003578. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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