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The “Game of Thrones” star is sued for $ 1.5 million. They want money, incl. for the role that was cut from the new “Thor”

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The British agency Troika demands from Lena Headey the payment of outstanding margins for participating in various film productions. The company claims that the actress owes her at least $ 500,000 for her role in Thor: Mio and Grom. That sum is supposed to be the equivalent of seven percent of her Marvel salary. emphasizes, however, that Headey will ultimately not appear in the film because her character has been cut.

The “Game of Thrones” star is sued for $ 1.5 million

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Troika (the agency changed its name to YMU in 2020) sent documents to the court in which it claims that the actress has been associated with her since 2005. It was then that her personal agent Michael Duff joined the company from Lou Coulson Associates. He worked at the agency until the beginning of 2020, after which he left, and in May of that year she did the same to Headey. The agency, however, maintains that under the agreement concluded with the actress, she still owes outstanding margins on numerous projects.

In addition to paying for “Thor,” Troic wants $ 300,000 for Headey’s lead movie “9 Bullets,” and another $ 650,000 for his showtime commissioned sitcom “Rita.” This project was to be an adaptation of a Danish comedy production (in Poland, the original can be seen on Netflix), and Lena Headey played the title character. However, only a pilot episode was created, and then the project was abandoned.

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Regardless of this, Troika demands settlement of the commission due with the payment order, as well as compensation for breach of the contract, interest and also the reimbursement of legal costs.

The actress, in turn, claims that she has never signed any contracts with the Troika agency or with Michael Duff. She emphasizes that she worked with the agent on the basis of a verbal contract concluded back in the 1990s, when Duff was working at Lou Carl Associates. In the documents sent to the court, Headey also notes that Troika has never been its only representative and that in the US it is handled by the CAA agency.

Lena Headey also does not agree with the statement that the agency is entitled to a commission for the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”, because she did not mediate in any way in negotiating the role. Headey was directly invited to participate in the project by director Taika Waititi. It was supposed to be similar in the case of “9 bullets” – neither Duff nor the agency were involved in the negotiations. In the case of “Rita”, she received only $ 325,000 for the only episode she completed, of which she already paid $ 22,750 to the agency.

Source: Gazeta

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