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The 77th anniversary of the House of Culture Núcleo del Guayas was celebrated with a brief accountability and acknowledgments to personalities of the arts

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On the night of this Monday, July 4, the main room of the House of Culture Nucleus of Guayas dressed up to celebrate his seventy-seventh anniversary. Artists, film critics, historians, writers, cultural managers and others gathered at the solemn session, which included multiple awards to renowned figures in the cultural field.

A video that collected the history of the institution and another that presented the different groups that make it up opened the act. Martha Rizzo Gonzalezprovincial director of the House of Culture Núcleo del Guayas, addressed those present with a speech in which she reviewed the essence of the House and how the work has been since the day she positioned herself with its board of directors.

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It is the place that embraces ideas rather than ideologies. It is a connector of peace, where our ideals are strongly illuminated, such as freedom, democracy, hope, opportunity, with a focus on equality and diversity.”, in this way he referred to the institution he presides over three months ago.

In his speech he described art as the best social investment. “I believe that culture, through constant training, is the basis of opportunities in our society (…). I firmly believe that culture should be considered as a promoter of local development”, he sentenced.

He mentioned that the institution has a very small team, but that it has been with this reduced number of personnel that it has worked on a mission and a strategic development plan for the province of Guayas.

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Rizzo affirmed that in the three months of management he has implemented an administrative management model by processes and a cultural management model within an integrated ecosystem. “We restored trust and institutional credibility. We executed an artistic reactivation plan, which consisted of giving the spaces free of charge so that they can monetize”he said in reference to the presentations they give in the place, managing to have 98% of their rooms occupied.

He also pointed out that they reopened the forum cinema and the institutional choir was refounded, and reported that they are going to revitalize the casts. “We will work to form the stable dance company for the first time”, ad.

The solemn session featured a performance by the institutional choir, directed by Maestro Juan Carlos Urrutia. In addition there were other musical interventions that closed the night.

A night of awards

More than 20 personalities were recognized by the institution for their artistic career, in the field of arts, science and culture. The historian Parsival Castro Pita received an appointment as chronicler for life of the House of Culture Nucleus of Guayas.

The singer Hector Jaramillo Venegas He was one of the guests who came to the stage to receive his recognition. “I have wonderful memories of this House of Culture. In 1974 I was invited to Chile to participate in Viña del Mar; They gave me five quotas: three were from the House of Culture, Jorge Córdova and two dancers. We brought the Silver Gull to Ecuador for the first time”expressed from the podium.

For his part, the film critic Jorge Suarez Ramirezwho was in charge of the Casa’s cinematheque for many years, also thanked for the recognition. “In these walls thirty years of my life have passed: eighteen because here I was RTS and here we had Oscar nights; then, twelve years the cinematheque. And an unforgettable day that is today (…) is an unforgettable moment for me because there comes a time in life when one feels that everything is over; just family, friends, but now this public life is over. Today I feel like it’s not over…”, he said with great pride.

In the field of plastic arts, several legends were recognized. Hernan Zuniga was one of them. “I want to celebrate life, because on this same stage, in this same place, many times we have placed mortuary chests to bid farewell to worthy representatives who served the House of Culture. I want to thank Martha’s youth and that hopeful restlessness to recognize us. So after celebrating death on this very stage (…), well, I thank you who make history by celebrating life”, the artist expressed with great emotion.

The list of awards for artistic career was completed by the tenor Gerardo Oyola Garciathe sculptor Evelio Tandazo, Achilles Mario Abigail Santistebanthe actress Azucena Mora Mendoza, Beatriz Elena Trivino, Consuelo Sanchez Mazzini, Ernesto Huerta Carrillo (Tiko Tiko), the plastic artist Felix Enrique Arauz Basantesthe poet and journalist Fernando Doge Verasinger Fresia Saavedra Gomez, the film critic Gerard Raad Dibo, Inés Flores Benavides, José Luis Villacrés Vinueza, the plastic artist Luis Portilla Rodas, Marcía Casanova Padilla, the historian Melvin Hoyos Galarza, Olga Azucena Valdez, Patty Salcedo, the actor Poen Adrian Alarcon, the writer Sonia Manzano Vela, Juan Alfredo Onofre and the actress Marina Salvarezza.

Posthumous awards were also given to Jesús fichamba, Hugo Delgado Cepeda, Irma Arauz Merizalde, Jorge Eduardo Velasco Mackenzie, Giovanni Coppiano Campoverde, José Francisco Parra del Pino, Enrique Tábara, among others.

“It is not easy for me to be here receiving this posthumous recognition of José Francisco Parra del Pino, better known as Pepe Parra, my beloved father, who I know is very happy from heaven, because he loved the affection of the public. .”expressed the Vivi Parra in memory of his father. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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