With great surprise and visible emotion, Brendan Fraser took the stage on Sunday, March 12 to receive an Oscar Award. His acting in the movieThe whale(The Whale) earned him the gold medal for Best Actor.

“As if the sky came to me through a tube”: These are the children of Brendan Fraser, to whom he dedicated his emotional words at the Oscars 2023

After a long absence of almost a decade from the acting world, Fraser rose from the ashes, but he knows he shouldn’t stop now and is willing to go for more.

“I think I know what it feels like to be in the metaverse. That Oscar thing also means that I have to look for a job,” were some of the words of the actor after the award ceremony, according to Tiempox review.

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Fraser managed to grab the attention of the public and the movie world with his role as Charlie, but he also did it with a moving speech as he saw himself as the winner in one of the most competitive categories of the Academy Awards.

“I want to tell you that only whales can swim in the deep waters (…) thank you for allowing me to return, for allowing me to resurface, for returning to the surface to to be seen again,” said the also remembered protagonist of “George of the Jungle”.

For Brendan Fraser, 54, his journey through “The whaleby the hand of Darren Aronofsky showed him “the inner souls”, but he knows that the euphoria for the film will now be put aside now that the prices have passed and he has to look for work. Although he probably said it jokingly, adding an Oscar to his career could open the doors of the cinematic world again.

Fraser was away from Hollywood for nearly a decade after denouncing sexual harassment, a fact that dampened his artistic career somewhat.

Why was Brendan Fraser away from the cinema and stage for so long? The crisis that started with the sexual abuse he underwent in 2003

“All of this has been a journey of reassessment and reaffirmation that offers me a great lesson in gratitude and humility. If you ask me what was the first thing I thought when I heard my name, I said ‘this must be a mistake’. But then I realized that I had to get up and walk to the microphone and say something as soon as possible,” the actor told the press who attended the awards ceremony.

Will Brendan Fraser return to the DC world?

His role in “The whalemarked a before and after in his career as it made him worth several recognitions in the Hollywood award circuits such as the Critics Choice Awards and the Satellite awards.

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But this was not the only production in which Fraser would return to the screen. The actor played the villain Firefly in Batgirl, the DC movie that was set to release on HBO Max in 2022 and was cancelled.

Despite this, Brendan is willing to work with the American comics publisher again, according to his own statements to Variety and reported by Vandal.

“Maybe. It all depends on the type of paper. I mean, a job isn’t easy to do no matter who produces it,” Fraser said in the interview, just as he had just finished filming Doom Patrol, which also owned by DC.