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What happened to Princess Eleanor? The eldest daughter of Queen Letizia arrives in Girona and surprises with a large wound on her hand

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As expected, the daughter of Queen Letizia arrived in Girona this Sunday, as part of the official agenda before the celebration of the long-awaited Princess of Girona Awards. The future Spanish monarch surprised everyone by showing a large wound on her left hand that caught everyone’s attention.

The eldest daughter of King Felipe made her appearance without the presence of her parents, with the company of her younger sister. After finishing their school activities, the young women reappeared looking very natural and always with a smile sharing with the public present.

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From the Dalí Museum, they saw themselves touring its facilities attentive to each explanation of the guides and enjoying the impressive collection of the renowned artist, the main emblem of Catalan culture.

Queen Letizia’s daughter suffers a burn on her left hand

His first solo appearance in Girona was a decisive visit from the heir to the Spanish royal family. There is a lot of expectation for her speech and her outfits at the awards ceremony, of whose foundation she is the honorary president.

After being seen for the first time after the pandemic without a mask, Leonor was astonished by her changes in her teeth. And now, the 16-year-old makes an impact by showing a large injury to her left hand that she could not hide from the eyes of the guests at the event.

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No official explanation was given or what kind of accident caused the large burn that the princess has on her fingers. She did not wear any coverage or gauze, so she showed the cream or balm that she had spread on the affected area, detailed the newspaper Lectura.

Princess Eleanor has a large burn on her left hand.

This time, the sisters chose dresses for the occasion. Princess Leonor opted for a “low cost” design from the firm Mango, a midi cut with a coral print in red and white.

Broadly speaking, it is a simple and colorful look, with a crossed neckline and puffed sleeves. With a ribbon tied at the waist she defined her figure. As for footwear, he once again used the “real” summer classic, beige espadrilles with a high heel, with straps tied around his calf.

Meanwhile, the ever more youthful Infanta Sofía opted for a bohemian design in a long-sleeved white mini dress, with minimalist black embroidery, a dress that she had already premiered in another act.

Little by little, Leonor is configuring her style with designs that define her personality. The teenager looks sure of herself on every outing, and with great charisma she earns the respect of the Spanish people.

The young duo showed off their long hair, Sofia with a braid that looked spectacular on her and Leonor with a half tail tied back.

However, network users criticize the young woman’s choice again, alluding that their designs make them look older “like an old woman.”

The followers of Hola magazine and the aforementioned Spanish newspaper insist on mentioning that the future queen needs an image consultant to renew her wardrobe with designs according to her age. (AND)

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Source: Eluniverso

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