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For the hajs of old balls?  Not this time, in the new TVN program, teenagers have to take care of the whole family

For the hajs of old balls? Not this time, in the new TVN program, teenagers have to take care of the whole family

“Super Nanny” and “Strict Parents” were hits, but they aroused controversy. Will it be the same with the new program “Teens rule … money”, which debuts on March 14 on TVN? We saw the first episode.

The household budget is managed by parents, and what would happen if this responsibility was passed on to teenagers? This is the question the creators of the new TVN program asked themselves and decided to try to answer it. In each of the 10 episodes, a teenager takes control of the family’s finances and decides where the money from the household budget goes. There is no bullshit here – the heroine or the hero really gets as much as the parents have at their disposal every month, and the latter do not have the right of veto for a few weeks. Support for teenagers and their relatives during the program is a pedagogue, a teacher with many years of experience, Marcin Józefaciuk.

In the first episode we meet Kornelia’s family living near Szczecin. The 15-year-old is a fan of anime, fantasy and metal music, lives at home with her mother, father and younger brother. It’s quite a wealthy, nice family. Within 45 minutes, viewers will see how he spends PLN 15,000, which is the monthly household budget.

Kids rule … money – the heroes of the first episode PIOTR ZAGELL

In the program “Teens rule … money” the host is not exactly the host, but only support. In contrast to “Supernanny”, where Dorota Zawadzka taught parents with a firm hand (especially from today’s perspective) the rules of dealing with children, and children to enforce them, here Józefaciuk is only a support for teenagers and their relatives. Nobody has to move out of the house like in “Strict Parents”, although the role reversal can be no less revolutionary than getting a “naughty” teenager into a foster family.

Admittedly, 15,000 is a lot of money for many adults. How will a teenager deal with such money? It will not be a spoiler to know that she will go crazy and her parents will not always be happy with her choices.

“Kids rule … money” is not focused on controversy. What captivated me while watching this episode is the way a father talks to his adolescent daughter – he can come and talk about feelings, admit a mistake. For many people, this may be an example they have not observed before. We will also see a mother who wants to be a good babysitter for children, and this brings concerns: can a child of this age go out alone? Can he be given more responsibility?

These are questions that many viewers with children are certainly asking themselves. These 15,000 in the first episode seem like an excuse to show that 15-year-olds are still children, but there are only three years left to help them become responsible adults who will have to live on their own sooner than it seems, without the protective umbrella of parents. It’s nice that there was a place to address such doubts.

It is known that we watch such programs primarily for specific stories and entertainment, but I hoped that the authors of the program would devote a little more space to economic education, which is not the best in our society. While it would be nice to show, by example, how a teenager can be surprised by how much parents have to spend to pay bills, it would be useful to smuggle in some knowledge not only about giving children more freedom and trust, but also to show the viewers how to talk to children about money and teach them a wise approach to the budget. Because this is what adults often have a problem with.

The premiere of the first episode of “Kids rule … money” on March 14 at 21:35 on TVN.

Source: Gazeta

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