They do not confirm or deny it, but publicly and in front of their fans They share more than one moment together on social networks this made them suspect that among them there is romance. It is true that there is a great emotional closeness between amateur chefs Jamil Faourfrom Masterchef Ecuador and model and actress Maria Emilia ‘Mare’ Cevallos.

“I would like them to make a public apology”: Jamil, from “MasterChef Ecuador”, explains why he felt offended and decided to speak about his attention deficit in the program

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For many Internet users, this huge kiss would seal the alleged relationship between Jamil Faour and Maria Emilia Cevallos. Photo: Screenshot /

One of the posts that attracted the most attention was when the 27-year-old businessman, responding to a user’s comment on Twitter, He posted a photo showing him planting a kiss on Cevallos’ lips.

In an exchange due to differences in the content of one of the episodes of ‘MasterChef Ecuador’, host Érika Vélez referred to the alleged romance between Mara Cevallos and Jamil Faour. Photo: Screenshot

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The event happened during last week’s tour on the Ecuadorian coast, in the company of another participant reality the kitchen, Andres Bastidas, better known as Ajicero. The tour included Olón, Salango, among other spas, and Jamil shared his experiences with his followers through stories and photos posted on his Twitter account. instagram.

This image of the giant kiss in question actually appeared the same week that Mare and the show’s host, Érika Vélez, exchanged disagreements over one of the episodes, on Twitter. In the middle of their discussion, The presenter told him that “it seems incredible that they are together”. And he marked the competitor.

Jamil and Mare toured the Ecuadorian shores together with another ‘MasterChef Ecuador’ participant, Andrés, the ajicer. Photo:

Other clues to their possible relationship were a series of photos and clips that Faour shared on his Instagram profile on the day of love and friendship, February 14. An amateur chef, owner of a catering and tasting service, came forward Maison Faourexpanded the recipe with the theme of Valentine’s Day and in the content that accompanied the preparation, he is appreciated together with Mare Cevallos, very intimate and playful in the kitchen.

Jamil Faour and Mare Cevallos. Photo:

for his part, Mare was less noticeable in this alleged courtshipalthough they randomly tweet each other, implying that they enjoy together, among other things, the airing of a show that, by the way, is still on the air, and Faour is in 6 of the best. She also uploaded one selfies them together, with their faces leaning against each other, as well as he praised his special friend’s kitchen more than once.

Jamil Faour and Mare Cevallos. Photo:

Recently, Jamil Faour spoke to El Universo newspaper about his mental healthabout an incident that happened in one of the episodes Chef Ecuadorin which his performance was obviously negatively ventilated lack of attention. In this conversation, he limited himself only to this topic and did not refer to any other aspect of his personal life, such as his love situation. (AND)

Mare, the protagonist of Jamil’s stories during his walk on the Ecuadorian beaches together with Andrés Bastidas, eliminated the MasterChef Ecuador contestant. Photo: