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No more bathing suits.  Women in Berlin will be able to come topless to the swimming pool

No more bathing suits. Women in Berlin will be able to come topless to the swimming pool

The authorities in Berlin have decided that soon women’s bathing suits will not be obligatory in swimming pools, and therefore it will be possible to bathe topless. The decision was dictated by women’s complaints about discrimination at swimming pools.

According to the women who signed the complaint, the upper part of the swimsuit is not obligatory for men, which is a sign of discrimination. The Berlin authorities have taken action in this matter. Only the lower part of the swimsuit will apply.

The women went topless to the swimming pool. When she was told to wear an outfit, she considered it discriminatory

Germans have a different approach to nudity than Poles, and sunbathing topless on a public beach comes as no surprise. Tourists coming to Germany are surprised, but for the locals it is normal. So far, however, this was not possible in swimming pools, where women were required to wear a swimsuit covering their breasts. According to the BBC, the case started with a woman who went swimming topless in 2022. She was asked to wear a swimsuit top. It turned out that German regulations do not specify what a women’s swimsuit should look like.

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A complaint has been lodged with the authorities in Berlin. Women will soon be able to swim topless

The Berlin authorities took into account the incoming complaints from women and changed the rules. Interestingly, it has not yet been clarified what it is. However, the provision was changed that public swimming pools will be ordered to cover the genitals. As a result, women no longer have to cover their breasts. The head of the Ombudsman’s office, Doris Liebscher, is pleased with the actions taken, which reduce discrimination, and at the same time establish regulations equal for all residents. However, the specific date from which they will apply has not been given.

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